• Client: Buzzi Unicem
  • Project: Fast track fabrication and delivery of two oversized hoppers
  • Services provided:
  • Industry: Complex Fabrication
  • Project turnaround: 2 Weeks

After some minor demolition work at their Maryneal, TX manufacturing location, Buzzi Unicem discovered that two of their hoppers were in need of immediate structure modification. After further investigation, their engineering team confirmed that both hoppers needed to be replaced. Without the hoppers, Buzzi Unicem was required to enforce a plant shutdown.

Under the shutdown, Buzzi Unicem was unable to continue its manufacturing processes. They needed two new hoppers fabricated within just two weeks to remain on schedule. JGM was contacted to get the job done.

After fabricating both hoppers, JGM needed to transport them from their facilities in Pennsylvania to the plant location in Texas. This required the successful hauling of two oversized loads. JGM worked around the clock, ensuring the safe delivery of both hoppers in the designated two-week deadline.