Fast Track Fabrication

Set a New Record with JGM

We’re not just fast; we’re the fastest.

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Fast Track Steel Fabrication

At JGM, we’ve developed a reputation for being the ones you call when you need it yesterday.
From last-minute steel supply, fabrication and emergency repairs to quick construction timelines, we’re here to lend the helping hand you need to cross that finish line.

If project deadlines and fabrication goals keep passing you by, join the ranks of companies like Canam, Exelon and Amazon, who all put their trust in us to deliver projects in shockingly short time frames.

Whether you’re just in the planning phases of your design or you’ve fallen behind schedule, our team of experts is ready to jump in and get your project back up to speed with our comprehensive, fast track steel fabrication services.

We’re known for helping mid to large fabricators that are struggling with:

  • Fabrication Capacity
  • Accelerated Schedules
  • Logistical Difficulties

Our team is ready to adjust pace at a moment’s notice, adapting to any challenges that may arise, providing creative solutions for your demanding schedule changes or updated design logistics, and even building entirely new structures within your initial time frame.

Let's Meet Your Deadline

Supporting Other Fabricators in Time Sensitive Projects
As a fabricator that jumps into projects at the beginning, middle and end, we’ve worked with shops across the country on a variety of fast track projects, including the successful completion of industrial power plants, secure data centers and state-of-the-art stadiums.

Our top-notch team of fabricators, welders and project managers is both highly skilled and highly collaborative.

Whether your shop has taken on multiple complex projects within a difficult time frame, or you need fabricated steel parts immediately, we will step in and help provide you and your clients with the safety and quality they expect.

We’re known for our ability to produce high-quality, complex fabrications faster than anyone else, and we’re ready to prove it to you.

When you outsource your complex truss, girder and column fabrications to JGM, we will help you get your project back on track while you focus on your daily workload in-house. We provide a full-range of fast track and emergency fabrication services to help get your project back on track, including:

  • Over Capacity Fabrication
  • Complex Steel Fabrication & Welding
  • Beam & Column Fabrication
  • Plate & Tube Girder Fabrication
  • Heavy Truss Fabrication
  • Bridge Girder Fabrication
  • Fabricated Box Columns
  • Stairs & Railing Fabrication
  • Chutes
  • Ductwork
  • Large Customer Fabrication
  • Structural Steel
  • Skids
  • Piping
  • AESS Fabrication

The next time your shop needs a helping hand, we’d love to be your partner.

Quick Turnaround Fabrication

Last minute jobs are no sweat for us and “It can’t be done” is not in our vocabulary.
From fabricating emergency replacement beams to trusses, columns and railings, our skilled team members can quickly and safely turn around any project within your demanding schedule.

Our extensive design-build process allows us to jump into your project immediately, engineering a construction that can be completed within your initial time frame.

When you work with us from the start, we can effectively estimate a reliable budget and help eliminate unnecessary expenses before they happen.

When it comes to steel, we truly believe that bigger is better. While other fabricators also produce parts that are over 16 feet wide and up to 110 feet long, nobody does it as fast as JGM.

From design and fabrication to oversized hauling and erection, we’ll save you time and money both in the shop and in the field, getting your structure built faster, safer and more effectively.

Steel Bridge Fabrication

It’s no surprise that bridges serve as symbols of progress, connections and stability.
Not only do they allow us to easily cross large rivers, lakes and even oceans, but they continue to evolve and adapt to the modern world. And, in today’s fast-paced, economic climate, bridges need to be stronger and more innovative than ever before.

At JGM, we think outside of the box. From the beginning of your project, our experienced team will work with you to examine your initial design plans and help you to enhance your product. We’ll uncover any design inconsistencies, as well as any potential problems that could occur throughout the erection phase or once the construction is complete.

When you trust JGM for your fast track bridge fabrication, every arch, truss, beam and cable will seamlessly fit together, ensuring a bridge that is structurally sound. Our team is both AISC Certified in Advanced Bridge Fabrication and AWS-Certified, and we deliver only the best when it comes to our work.

Got concerns about shipping and logistics? Not to worry—JGM can handle that part of your project as well.

Before the construction process begins, we’ll identify any shipping obstacles that could occur and establish a clear plan of action. We provide a full range of efficient and secure rigging and hauling services to give you peace of mind that every part of your project will come together on time.

When you need it yesterday.
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