2021 trends

2021 Construction & Fabrication Trends

Top 5 Industrial Construction & Steel Fabrication Trends for 2021

2021 trends

The JGM team is looking forward to the new clients, projects, and industry trends 2021 will bring. In the industrial construction and steel fabrication industry, each year there is new technology, equipment and methods that enhance operations. Check out what the JGM team predicts will be the top five industrial construction and steel fab trends this year.


Trend #1: Enhanced Safety Measures

In 2020, the pandemic impacted safety processes and procedures for constructors and fabricators all over, and we predict increased safety practices will continue well into 2021. From multiple hand washing stations on jobsites, to increased cleaning of equipment and PPE, to mask requirements, to socially distancing workers, industry professionals will be doing their best to stop the spread of COVID-19 and keep employees safe.


Trend #2: Remote Technology Will Be on The Rise

In response to the pandemic, the want and need for remote technology and software in the industrial construction and steel fab industry will be on the rise. From purchasing software that allows for remote collaboration, to supplying staff with technology and equipment to work from a remote environment, many constructors and fabricators have found ways to effectively collaborate even when not physically together.

At JGM, software such as ProEst and PROCORE, increase collaboration throughout every phase of a project. Storing project information, safety reports, scopes, jobsite photos, and more in a real-time application allows team members to access project data from any location to ensure timelines and budgets are met.


Trend #3: Robotics Improve Efficiency

When people think of steel fabrication, they usually do not associate the industry with robots. However, our team predicts that in 2021 more fabricators will invest in collaborative robots, known as cobots.

Cobots, unlike some automation systems, will not take away human jobs. Instead, cobots aid in routine tasks and make work easier in the fabrication shop. We believe our industry will see an increase in cobots in the near future as teams work to meet manufacturing demands faster and more efficiently than ever before.


Trend #4: 3-D Printing Takes Off

In the world of metal fabrication, 3-D printing has recently gained popularity. 3-D printing allows fabricators the opportunity to customize materials and increase efficiency. As this technology continues to evolve, JGM predicts more printable materials will be available and more fabricators will use this technique.


Trend #5: Increase in Virtual and Augmented Reality Usage

Many people have heard of virtual and augmented reality, but usually do not associate it with the industrial construction industry. However, more and more constructors are relying on virtual and augmented reality to design and evaluate projects before ground even breaks.

Using virtual reality, individuals immerse themselves into a simulated experience. Our team predicts that in 2021, more constructors will use virtual reality to view 3-D simulations of their designs before construction begins. This will allow both the contractor and client to address any problem areas or changes before the project is built.

Additionally, augmented reality will allow builders and clients to have access to detailed imagery of the future structure. This technology can be used to view design plans and capture project progression.  With technology continuing to evolve, our team sees virtual and augmented reality playing a larger role in the industry in the coming year.

At JGM, we are committed to staying up-to-date on cutting-edge industry trends and technology. If you are looking for a partner you can trust to complete your next construction or fabrication project on time and on budget using the latest techniques, connect with us today.


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