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When you have a unique challenge that needs immediate attention, JGM can help.

Reliability, accuracy and agility are three reasons to choose JGM for your equipment assembly, installation, setting and alignment. JGM has the experienced personnel, equipment and quality assurance systems to ensure your equipment is set exactly to the required tolerances. We utilize the latest optical & laser alignment technology to ensure your plant equipment is set exactly as needed. Whether it’s a material handling system, a new boiler feed pump or a 300,000lb rotary kiln, we have you covered. We partner with instrumentation and controls experts to provide a turn-key equipment installation project.

Properly aligned, installed, and tested equipment and production lines are key to improving the longevity of your investment and in turn the overall quality of your products and services.

At JGM, we don’t like surprises. So, when it comes to process piping needed in a turnaround or outage, we know preplanning and taking inventory for any replacement piping needed before the shutdown is critical. (It’s also a great time to re-evaluate the needs of the plant for future growth.) Our piping systems are built to handle a number of different fluids at a variety of temperatures. Our steel fab shop can then create exactly what is needed to spec in an expedited manner.

When it comes to heavy rigging and hauling for plant shutdowns and outages, we know the logistics of these types of projects may seem impossible. We get it – moving 45-ton gates that are 40 feet long and 28 feet tall is not easy. It requires strategic planning and sometimes ingenuity. At JGM, trust our team has been there and done that. Learn more about our heavy rigging and hauling services.

JGM has capability to repair and replace valves during every phase of your plant’s lifecycle. When it comes to valves, our team is best at sizing, selecting, installing, commissioning, testing and diagnostics. Plus, we are up to date on all codes and certifications to ensure that your facility is without leaks or other issues that cause plant slowdowns or shutdowns.

Meaningful Relationships

We’ve partnered with fabrication shops, constructors and companies around the world to complete fast track projects and emergency repairs. These close relationships give us the flexibility and resources to jump in on a project that is thousands of miles away as soon as we receive the call.

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Contact us to get it done quickly and without compromising quality or safety.

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