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Driven to Be the Fastest, Safest and Most Effective

While ours is admittedly a fast-paced and highly charged workplace, each employee’s training needs and ongoing career progress, as well as the importance of their safety and welfare, are never overlooked—in fact, they are paramount.

Working at JGM

JGM is not like any other company, nor do we want to be.
Just like you, we are unique. In fact, we have earned the reputation as the fastest, safest and most effective fabricator and constructor in the world.

To maintain this distinction, we need really great people who are willing to work hard to enjoy the many rewards a JGM career offers.

By coming on board with JGM, you will be embarking on an exciting and rewarding career that may just transform your life – in very positive ways – but you will be taking on a significant responsibility, too.

You see, we’re not interested in sharing this valuable opportunity with just anyone and we’re certainly not willing to risk our reputation by hiring less than superstar performers.

For us, a “superstar” is someone who, every day, enthusiastically gives it everything they’ve got on behalf of our clients.

Are you a superstar? Show us what you’ve got.

JGM is a family. We work together, we help each other, we rely on each other.

This is a statement you’ll hear over and over from our family’s current members and it’s one that makes us all very proud. We believe that we are creating a special environment where everyone is valued for the contributions they make to our mutual success.

What’s the result of having a team like this? Extreme client satisfaction and continued company growth.