Steel mills are JGM’s second home.

steel mill insetIn fact, our location is 1 mile down the road from the former Lukens Steel Plant, one of the oldest steel mills in commission in the United States. To the uninitiated, working in a steel mill can be very intimidating, but it’s an environment that JGM loves. Whether a planned maintenance project during an outage, or an emergency situation to restore part of the mill to operation, JGM has a team of skilled craftsmen – iron workers, riggers, millwrights, pipe fitters and welders – to meet the challenge, and welcomes the opportunity to do more. 

JGM can laser scan, design, fabricate and install turn-key solutions in piping, large ductwork, structural steel, material handling, bag houses, overhead crane replacements, and other OEM mechanical systems within the existing mill. JGM can also support major plant expansions with OEM commissioning efforts. JGM brings uncompromising safety and world class skills to make your project a success.  Give us a call… challenge us.


Alloy System Commissioning

SMS Group | Fairfield, AL

JGM supports the commissioning efforts of the new automated alloy system installed at the US Steel- Fairfield Facility.


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