Our Core Values

JGM Employee working
JGM Employees working

Our People

The JGM team is comprised of ethical, safe, hard-working, talented individuals.

And we never stop investing in our team’s development.

We will spare you the typical aspirational clichés about the value of people in an organization and instead just boil it down to a plain, blunt fact. JGM places cultural fit with our Core Values above pure talent for a given role. Don’t get us wrong – we actively seek out the absolute best talent to join our team, but if the most talented person available does not appear to share our core values, we pass. From our Founder and CEO to the apprentice welder in our shop, the JGM Team we have built is comprised of ethical, safe, hard-working, super talented individuals that take pride in their work since it directly benefits the value we bring to our customers. And we NEVER stop investing in our team’s education and leadership development.

The rapid growth JGM has achieved over the last few years has brought many new and diverse team members to the company. As we continue to grow, we are constantly creating and filling new roles necessary to execute flawlessly for our customers. You can be sure that each new team member brings new talent, new perspective, new skills, but always… always consistent with our core values that have served our team, our customers, our stakeholders and our community so well.


When you’re building the impossible, safety must be the number one priority.


2024 Stats:

  • EMR: 0.617


2023 Stats:

  • EMR: 0.751
  • DART: 0.0
  • TRIR: 1.65
  • Safety Training Hours: 1629.56
  • 1,681,586,000 total hours without a Lost Time Incident



2022 Stats:

  • EMR: 0.675
  • DART: 0.0
  • TRIR: 0.75
  • Safety Training Hours: 1022.05


2021 Stats:

  • EMR: 0.662
  • DART: 0.84
  • TRIR: 2.53


We require all supervisors to obtain their OSHA 30 Certification to enhance their level of safety knowledge and improve their ability to lead team members in safe practices on the job.

Our supervisors are also responsible for performing a Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) on any new task that we perform and communicating their findings back to all teams.

We are proud members of the National Safety Council and ABC Step Program.  While our leaders help foster a culture of safety at JGM, all of our team members play a vital role in ensuring the safety of everyone in and out of the shop. By giving our employees the extensive training needed to identify and resolve at-risk behaviors and potential hazards immediately, we can prevent accidents from occurring rather than simply react to them.

All new employees begin with extensive training that provides classroom and hands-on learning experiences:

  • safety logosOSHA 10 and OSHA 30 Certifications
  • MSHA 46 and MSHA 48 Training
  • Confined Space Training
  • Rigger and Signalman Training
  • Fire Watch Training
  • Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) Training
  • Forklift Training and Certification
  • Aerial Lift Training and Certification
  • Overhead Crane Operation & Safe Material Handling
  • First Aid Training
  • Fall Protection Training
  • Controlled Decking Training
  • Sub Part R Training

In addition to following OSHA and MSHA regulations, we established two safety committees to keep our practices in check: one committee is dedicated strictly to ensuring safety in the fabrication plant while the other is focused on enforcing safe practices and procedures out in the field.

We are an approved contractor for ISNetworld, Construct Secure, Avetta, First Verify.


JGM has a growth mindset.


Our experienced team of project managers, engineers and tradesmen are some of the best in the business. JGM has a rigorous training program for our team members to deliver consistent products and services to our clients. Quality control is built right into our processes from inception all the way through delivery to the customer. By constantly examining and refining our processes and procedures, we can ensure that our clients receive the highest quality fabrication and construction in the quickest, most cost-effective way possible.

At JGM, quality is initiated at our first conversation with our clients to make sure we understand the scope of the project as well as a clear understanding of expectations. Our proposals are presented clearly so clients know what scope is included in the price, what are the assumptions and clarifications, and an estimated timeline.

Upon an award, the JGM QC process continues all the way beyond delivery – we always request a client review to gain lessons learned:

quality flow chart

We also track all non-conformances throughout the construction process, which enables us to identify trends that occur, learn from our mistakes, and improve our products. We expect World Class Quality from ourselves and when products are not up to our high standards, we quickly respond and correct the situation, while always ensuring your construction schedule and budget stay on track.

To learn more about JGM’s focus on quality, training and safety, contact us today!

Quality Programs & Certifications

safety logos
  • ASME S Stamp – Manufacture and Assembly of Power Boilers
  • NBIC R Stamp – Repairs and/or Alterations to Boilers & Pressure Vessels
  • AISC Certified Steel Erector (CSE)
  • AISC Certified STD (Standard)
  • AISC Certified ADV (Advanced Bridge)
  • AISC Fracture Critical Endorsed (FCE)
  • NYC DOB Approved Fabricator
  • PA-Bulletin 15 DOT Approved Fabricator
  • New York State DOT Approved Fabricator
  • MASS DOT Approved Fabricator
  • NYC DOT Approved Fabricator
  • DE DOT Approved Fabricator
  • CT DOT Approved Fabricator
  • NJ DOT Approved Fabricator
  • NJ & NYC Approved Port Authority Fabricator
  • VA DOT Approved Fabricator

Quality Training & Inspection

Our strict quality control program guarantees that your materials, machinery, equipment and final product are always compliant with industry regulations. We execute this program both in the shop and out in the field through extensive testing and inspections of our finished materials connections and surfaces. These include:

  • Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)
  • Visual Testing (VT)
  • Dye Penetrant Testing (PT)
  • Ultrasonic (UT)
  • Radiography (RT)
  • Hydrostatic Testing
  • Pneumatic Pressure Testing
  • Skidmore Testing (Bolts)
  • RSCS Bolt torque inspection
  • Coating Inspections

All JGM field and shop employees undergo extensive training prior to starting work. This training includes:

  • Project Management Professional Training – PMP
  • FMI Leadership Training
  • ABC Apprenticeship program
  • Basic Welding & fitting 101
  • 5 welding booths for new hires and ongoing weld testing
  • ASME Section IX Qualified Welders
  • AWS D1.1, D1.3 and D1.5 Qualified Welder
  • Blueprint reading
  • Lean Manufacturing training
  • Supervisory Training
  • Visual Weld Inspection Training
  • In House Certified Weld Inspectors – CWI

Professional Affiliations

To keep up with the latest trends in the industry, JGM’s affiliations include:

  • American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC)
  • American Welding Society (AWS)
  • American Society of Mechanical Engineer (ASME)
  • National Board of Boilers & Pressure Vessel Inspectors
  • Delaware Valley Industrial Resource Council (DVIRC)


Staying on the cutting edge of technology is important.

However, JGM evaluates new technologies through one primary lens – does the technology add value to the products and services we provide to our customers? If the answer is demonstrably yes, then we embrace it and implement it quickly. From Salesforce and Procore for our client-facing communication tools, to utilizing laser scanning in combination with BIM modeling, JGM is on the forefront of technology so long as it adds value. An overview of our Technology Stack:

  • Salesforce CRM
  • Spectrum
  • Blue Beam
  • MS Project
  • Procore
  • Trimble TX8 3 Laser Scanning
  • BIM Technology
From Salesforce and Procore for our client-facing communication tools, to utilizing laser scanning in combination with BIM modeling, JGM is on the forefront of technology so long as it adds value.
mike towber ut inspection
justin at plate line
rob policastro and son fishing


JGM Invests in Great Causes

Throughout its growth over the last 20 years, JGM has always carried a responsibility to give back to our community. From our annual Toys for Tots and Mud Run participation to our financial support of these organizations, JGM invests in great causes:

Recently JGM became involved with the Youth Mentoring Partnership which provides mentoring for over 1,200 at-risk kids primarily in West Philadelphia and Coatesville PA, JGM’s home base. YMP teaches kids goal setting, grit (which is essential to achieving goals) and gratitude for the opportunities and mentors around them.

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