5 Tips to Create a Healthy Work Life Balance

When asking JGM employees to describe the team in one word, “family” was the overwhelming response. At JGM, family is our foundation. We work together, help each other, and trust each other to achieve next to impossible deadlines which result in client satisfaction and continued company growth.

Not only do JGM team members have a work family, but they also have families at home, which is why finding a healthy work-life balance is critical. In honor of Family Fun Month, below are a few tips and tricks the team has found that help create a healthy work-life balance so they can make the most of their time spent at home!

Tip #1: Establish Priorities

Having a work-life balance begins with establishing priorities. Each week make a list of priorities for the home and office. There are only so many hours each week, so it is important to lay out what needs your attention and energy. Once these priorities are established, it is important to communicate them with your family and co-workers, so everyone understands what you need to do. Setting and successfully completing priorities each week can help ensure extra time to spend with your family and friends doing activities you enjoy.

Tip #2: Time Management is Key

Time management can be difficult, especially in the workplace. From random requests by co-workers to projects out-of-town, it’s sometimes difficult to get everything done during the workday. Each day accomplish as much as possible during your set work hours. Let your coworkers know you are focused by hanging a humorous “Do Not Disturb – I’m in the Zone” or “In case I can’t say no, this sign will have to do it for me” sign outside of your office or workspace. The team will get the point so you can stay focused.

Tip #3: Set Technology Aside

Technology not only keeps us connected to our family and friends, but our jobs as well. Just like it is important to limit time spent on phones texting, making personal phone calls and scrolling through social media during the workday, it’s also important to detach from work-related technology at home. Spending too much time staring at a computer or phone screen can negatively impact your energy and mood, so remember to silence your work-related technology when you leave the office each day. This goes for vacations as well. If you have a planned vacation with your family, let the team and clients know you are away and unavailable so you can be in the moment. Valuable time spent with your family is a key element to a healthy work-life balance.

Tip #4: Make Time for Hobbies

Is there an activity you thoroughly enjoyed but then life got too crazy and it was pushed aside? Part of finding a healthy work-life balance includes engaging in hobbies where your passion is. Start by making a list of activities you would like to do for fun outside of work. Keep the list in a place you will see it often and each week set aside a designated amount of time to focus on one activity from your list. Committing to your passions is important and can positively impact other areas of your life.

Tip #5: Don’t Forget About Yourself

One of the most important elements of a healthy work-life balance is making time for yourself. Sometimes you may have to work late or get up early to meet a deadline, but when that happens, remember to make time for yourself to unwind afterwards. Taking time to exercise, eat healthy and get an adequate amount of sleep will help keep you healthy and give you the ability to be the best version of yourself at work and home.

At JGM we are a family, which means we care about our team members lives outside of work. If you are interested in joining our team of superstars and experiencing a culture where a work-life balance is encouraged and supported, check out our available positions today.

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