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An Insider’s Look: Food & Beverage Metal Fabrication

From processing and packaging to distribution, the food and beverage industry plays a critical role in producing the products that feed America. As the market continues to grow and machinery evolves, food and beverage companies will seek plant modernizations and new, specialized equipment that can help create efficiencies and increase production.

With years of experience completing steel fabrication and comprehensive construction projects for some of the nation’s largest companies including Nestlé, Samuel Adams, and Yuengling, our team has the insights and grit to take any plant modernization or maintenance and repair project to the next level. We understand quality control and compliance with the FDA, Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP) are paramount and reducing facility downtime is key. From process piping and industry-specific equipment setting to maintenance repairs and structural steel erection, our team of designers, fabrication specialists, millwrights, and pipe fitters can help production facilities with the following projects:

  • Plant Modernizations – We can support upgrading facilities, equipment, and processes to enhance efficiency, safety, and quality.
  • Maintenance & Repairs – In the food and beverage industry, regularly inspecting, servicing, and fixing equipment and infrastructure to ensure smooth operations is key. Effective maintenance helps prevent breakdowns, minimize downtime, and maintain product quality. Our team is skilled at maintaining and rapidly repairing all types of equipment.
  • Demolition & Remediation – Demo and remediation are especially important when upgrading or repurposing a facility. We have removed existing structures, equipment, and components to make way for new construction. When it comes to addressing environmental or contamination issues, our team can help with careful planning and adhere to regulations to ensure the site is safe for operation.
  • Structural Platforms & Modifications – Structural platforms and modifications in the food and beverage industry involve expanding or reconfiguring existing platforms to accommodate new machinery or processes. At JGM, safety is our top priority in designing and implementing these structures to industry codes and standards.

Leveraging 3D Technology to Boost Efficiencies

At JGM, we use 3D laser scanning to enhance efficiency and provide value to our clients. 3D laser scanning has revolutionized construction applications by offering precise data for project planning and execution. The technology employs laser beams to rapidly create detailed, high-resolution 3D models of construction sites and structures. By emitting thousands of laser pulses per second, the scanner measures distances and records surface points, generating a digital representation of the environment. This data is invaluable for our team as well as the architecture and engineering partners working on the project, as it aids in accurate site assessment, clash detection, as-built documentation, and quality control. 3D laser scanning enhances construction safety, reduces rework, and accelerates project timelines, making it an indispensable tool for food and beverage metal fabrication and across sectors in the modern construction industry.

Food & Beverage Project Example

Check out this recent project our team completed in the food and beverage market to learn more about our capabilities.

  • Pet Food Manufacturing Plant – We completed a complex process piping project that involved fabricating and installing over 8,000 lineal feet of stainless steel piping both indoors and outdoors for a pet food manufacturing plant in Pennsylvania. The scope of the project included the fabrication and installation of galvanized steel pipe bridges for the outdoor piping. The most challenging portion was designing, fabricating, and fitting up the labyrinth of piping sections required to complete the overall project indoors. Our team laser scanned an entire area to achieve very precise measurements and models, which in turn allowed us to be spot on when tying in the new piping to hard points on the existing piping network.

Trust JGM With Your Food & Beverage Metal Fabrication Needs

At JGM, we are always up for a challenge and have what it takes to complete the most complex process piping, steel erection, plant maintenance, or other food and beverage-related projects. When schedules and compliance with industry regulations matter, you can rely on our team to deliver value through speed and precision.

Connect with a team member to learn more about our food and beverage market capabilities and how we can support your next project.

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