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Building the Impossible with Cutting-Edge Welding Equipment

At JGM, we strive to always be better. By acquiring new talent, participating in ongoing training programs, and utilizing cutting-edge tools and technology, we are always enhancing our construction and fabrication processes to save clients valuable time and money.

In honor of National Welding Month, learn more about the welding equipment used in our fabrication shop that streamlines processes and builds the impossible.

Lincoln LT-7 Sub Arc Welding Tractor

JGM has two Lincoln LT-7 tractors which are self-moving mechanical wire feeders designed for sub arc welding. This piece of equipment is used for projects such as tank erections, beam, girder, or column fabrication, and long seams on heavy weldments and it is perfect for long welds in the flat and horizontal position, which are required for several of our heavy fabrication projects.

The Lincoln LT-7 sub arc welding tractor’s benefits include the machine is self-guided, which means only one team member is needed to operate this piece of equipment. Additionally, due to its compact size, this machinery can fit through small, confined spaces at set speeds. Plus, if the welder needs to make a procedure change, the control box is located right on the tractor, which is more efficient than going back to the power source.

lt-7 welding equipment


Miller XMT MIG 

Another popular piece of welding equipment used is the Miller XMT MIG set up. This equipment is portable and versatile which allows us to move around the shop or jobsite without being tied down to one specific area. The Miller XMT is used for industrial construction projects, power generation plants, and other fabrication needs.

The Miller XMT offers many benefits that saves time and ensures quality welds. For example, infinite arc control is available in the stick and wire modes, which makes fine tuning certain materials and applications much easier. Plus, with built-in pulsed MIG programs, welders can reduce heat affected zones, weld thick-to-thin metal, access faster travel speeds, and much more. Other features, such as the process selector switch and primary voltage display make welding processes more efficient, saving welders time.

xmt welding equipment


Miller Dynasty 400 TIG Welder

The Miller Dynasty 400 TIG welder is another tool used frequently. This piece of equipment delivers enhanced arc performance with total alternating current (AC) arc-shaping capabilities. This machinery is great for infrastructure projects, manufacturing, and other heavy fabrication tasks.

Useful features of the Miller Dynasty 400 TIG welder include alternating current frequency, which can control the width of the arc cone and force of the arc. The pulse frequency capabilities ensure arcs are more sustainable, the heat input is reduced, and travel speeds can be increased.


Why JGM?

To be the fastest, safest, and most effective industrial construction and fabrication partner in North America, it is critical the latest tools and technology are utilized in the shop and on jobsites. If you are looking for a building partner who uses the best technology to exceed your expectations, reach out. We would be happy to discuss how we can help bring your next project to life!

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