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Employee Spotlight: Pat Kelly

At JGM, it’s not in our DNA to say “no.” We do whatever it takes to complete a challenge and deliver fast track steel fabrication and industrial construction solutions “when you need it yesterday.” Exceeding client’s expectations requires hard work, commitment and team members you can rely on.

Recently, when working on heavy trusses for the New York Belmont Park Arena, home to the New York Islanders, Pat Kelly, a JGM welder, did whatever it took to help his fellow team members and provide the client with a quality product.

Joining the JGM family in 2018 with no welding experience, Pat quickly demonstrated a hard work ethic and commitment to our clients, projects and safety. Pat was introduced to welding processes and trained for two weeks in JGM’s shop. He successfully passed the AWS D1.1 3G FCAW test and earned multi-certifications.

Pat is a certified welder under AWS D1.5 1G, certified welder for NYS DOT 1G and NYC DOT 1G. His talent became even more apparent when he began welding heavy trusses for the New York Belmont Park Arena. Pat did an outstanding job completing joint penetration welds and had zero ultrasonic test rejections.

“From coming to JGM with no welding experience ever, fast forward almost 2 years, and Pat Kelly is one of our most dedicated and well-rounded welders we have on the shop floor,” said Sasa Randjelovic, quality control manager at JGM. “To recognize his quality performance, Pat was awarded 50 points to JGM’s online store. Congrats Pat for this well-deserved recognition,” added Randjelovic.

When not hard at work welding in JGM’s shop, Pat enjoys hiking with his girlfriend and dogs.

Interested in joining the JGM family and embarking on an exciting and rewarding career? If you have the talent and more importantly, the “give it all” attitude, check out our website to learn more and view available positions.

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