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JGM Knows How to Have Fun!

When we say JGM is a great place to work, it’s not just lip service, we mean it! Our team works hard together every day so we can make time to play hard, too! We make a point not to be like every other construction company out there and we strive to ensure that what makes us different is also what makes us better. We know when you enjoy the experience and job benefits of working at JGM, the work we perform is better, and everyone thrives!

JGM is Not Just Another Job

When our team says we treat everyone like family, it’s true! At JGM, our core values drive us to do the best, and be the best in every way, including how we value and care for our team. We offer not only the traditional company job benefits you should expect from a good employer, such as comprehensive insurance, a healthy retirement account match, and generous paid time off, but we also offer perks that show we mean what we say about taking care of our own like family.

Before you even apply for one of our fabrication jobs or jobs in construction, we invite you to see our 65,000 SF shop in action to get a feel for the real-life working atmosphere and the teamwork spirit we hold sacred. We only hire the elite because this job is not for just anyone, it’s for those who want to be a part of building America and who want to be the best at it, so once you’re officially on the job, we offer paid training with in-house teachers as well as online resources to get you to the very top of your game and keep you there. In line with one of our core values, Uncompromising Safety, EVERY employee becomes OSHA10 certified, and additional safety ratings such as OSHA30, MSHA46, MSHA48, Rigger/Signalmen are strongly encouraged. Another core value, Self-Improvement, is supported by additional craft training classes, paid for by the company, such as advanced welding, rigging, confined space, lockout tag out, leadership training, and other coursework to advance your construction career.

These are simply a few examples of how we go above and beyond to support our team on the job, but it’s not the whole picture of how we make exploring a construction career with JGM rewarding for our team. Read on to find out more about how we also make the job FUN!

What’s It Like in the JGM Family?

Because we live and breathe our core values, JGM offers a workplace where employees are rewarded, valued, and celebrated, too, with on-site perks and off-site fun!

On Site Perks

  • New Boots! Our yearly boot program is not your average reimbursement for a pair of work shoes, it’s an on-site event where each year our Founder and CEO, Joe Messner, Jr., has the boot truck come to JGM to specially fit each employee with a brand-new pair of boots valued up to $150!
  • Bring Your Kids to Work Day! JGM hosted our first ever Bring Your Kids to Work Day on April 28th,2022 and it was a big hit–so much so that the kids are still mentioning it to their parents! We made sure everyone got into the spirit to have a good time with the kids dressing in gear to tour the shop. By the way they embraced the experience, we’re sure there will be a whole new class of future elite welders ready to join the JGM family!
  • Water Ice! What better way to celebrate the first day of spring and the warm weather ahead than with water ice! We treated our JGM team this year on the first day of the spring season by surprising them with an on-site water ice truck. Yum!

Off Site Fun

  • Axe Throwing! After an 8-hour day of learning from the best in a classroom setting, we spice up the education with a little excitement. This year, our leadership team participated in an axe throwing competition.
  • Fightin’ Phils! To celebrate one year of amazing safety on the job, we took some time out to invite all employees and their families to enjoy a night at the ballpark at the Reading Fightin’ Phils game, complete with a two and a half hour all-you-can-eat buffet!

Interested in Joining JGM?

Are you ready to be challenged by a rewarding career opportunity where fun is prioritized along with safety, and you are truly supported like family? Give us a shout!  Learn more about our current welding jobs, mechanical and fabrication jobs, and other skilled jobs in construction at JGM by checking the open positions on our Careers page or text “JOBS” to (888) 250-6122 to start your application, and follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see our good times in action. We hope to welcome you to the fun, friendly JGM family!

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