welding on gas turbine project

JGM Produces Stainless-Steel Piping to Power Gas Turbine Starting System

At JGM, we know when it comes to the power industry, dealing with the extremes must be second nature. When Koenig Engineers, located in Exton, Pennsylvania, contacted our team for support fabricating and welding stainless-steel piping assemblies for their gas turbine starting systems, which are manufactured for power generation companies, we were all in.


The JGM family is challenge-driven, and this project had a few obstacles to overcome. To begin, the stainless-steel piping assemblies JGM was tasked with fabricating had extremely tight tolerances to guarantee fit up. Additionally, because we were working with small diameter stainless- steel pipe with numerous threadolets, we had to fight warping and distortion of the pipes throughout the welding process.


For 20 years, JGM has delivered unique solutions to our client’s most challenging projects, and this job was no different. To guarantee a fit up of the stainless-steel piping components, our team built complex jigs to ensure the tight tolerances were held. Also, we fabricated a custom fixture to allow for seamless production of all future assemblies. To minimize distortion of the stainless-steel pipes while welding, we adhered to the gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW) process. Our welding procedure required a 100 percent argon purge to ensure a smooth finish on the inside of the piping system. The overall project was performed under the ASME B31.1 power piping code.


Driven to be the safest, fastest, most effective industrial construction and fabrication partner in North America, our team dedicated 1,350 manhours to this project. The job was completed under the estimated amount of time, had no recordable injuries, and exceeded the client’s expectations!

Need support with a complex process piping or mechanical install project? Connect with our team of skilled fabricators and welders who have experience in a variety of markets today. JGM can overcome any challenge to finish your project on time and on budget all with uncompromising safety.

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