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JGM Team Invests in Workforce Development

At JGM, we are passionate about providing our hardworking, talented team members with opportunities to advance in their roles and careers. With an internal training and development specialist, as well as partner organizations who can train and certify our employees, we continually strive to build a workforce comprised of the most talented individuals who share our core values.

Since the start of the new year, we have had several team members successfully complete trainings, welding tests, and rigging inspector certifications. We would like to recognize these individuals for their commitment to not only their personal growth, but also their dedication to JGM and our clients.


Rigging Inspector Graduates

The following team members recently completed a four-hour class to become certified rigging inspectors.

  • Anthony Bernadine
  • Robert Borrell
  • Elvis Cantoran
  • Mike Houser
  • Pat Kelly
  • Joe Lappa
  • Justin Mastrippolito


Welding Tests

During Q1 our Training and Development Specialist, Hugo Garcia-Gonzalez trained team members and administered welding tests. Join us in congratulating the following employees on furthering their education!

  • Stuart Adams, Welder 1
    • 1G FCAW D1.5
  • Javier Camacho, Fabrication Lead
    • 4G FCAW D1.1
  • Isac Castro, Welder 1
    • 4G FCAW PQR
  • Salvador Garcia, Welder 1
    • 3G FCAW D1.1
  • Jon Morris, Welder 1
    • 3G FCAW D1.5
    • 1 G SAW FCM
  • Mike Quinn, Welder 3
    • 4G FSAW FCM
  • Marco Renteria, Fabrication Lead
    • SAW 1 G D1.5
  • Roy Sherman, Welder 1
    • 1G FCAW D1.5

Additionally, Mike Towber passed his class at the Welder Training and Testing Institute in Allentown, Pennsylvania, and is now a Certified Welder Inspector!


Fabrication Training

We would like to recognize the following field employees for completing training in our fabrication shop over the past few weeks.

  • Austin Chambers, Mechanical Superintendent
    • D1.1 SMAW
    • 6G AWS D1.1
    • 6G ASME D1.1
  • Alton Hollar, Pipefitter Foreman
    • D1.1 SMAW
  • Kyle Shema, Journeyman Pipefitter
    • FCAW 6G
  • Logan Tritt, Laborer
    • 3G SMAW D1.1


Looking for a Rewarding Career?

Are you looking to build a career in turnkey industrial construction or fabrication? At JGM, we support our team member’s career goals and interests by providing workforce development opportunities. Learn more about the benefits of a career at JGM today!

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