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Meet Dominic Bonura: The Fantastic Field Operations Manager

At JGM, Family is our Foundation. The employees who work with us are an extension of that family and we value the long-term relationships they have built with the company. One JGM family member who has contributed to our success for the past 13 years is Dominic Bonura!

Dominic currently serves as our field operations manager where he is responsible for coordinating all schedules, equipment, and man power in the field, specifically for our steel erection and industrial work. His problem-solving skills, background in iron work, and perseverance have all played a key role in our success and growth.

To recognize Dominic (and help you get to know him better) we put him in the spotlight. See how he responded to our questions!


Which of your fellow team members has inspired you the most or helped you grow in your role?

Dominic: When I first started at JGM, it was just Joe Messner, Bill Thomas, and myself, so I learned a lot from Joe over the years. He helped me grow into the leader I am today.


What is your favorite part about working at JGM?

Dominic: I like the variety of work and different projects. Nothing ever seems to be the exact same. My position gives me the opportunity to travel, which I enjoy!


What is one piece of advice you would give to someone pursuing a career in steel erection or industrial construction?

Dominic: For those pursuing a career in this industry, it is critical to keep an open mind. There is a lot of opportunity to grow in different departments and roles. Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable is important and key to growth. Always be willing to try new things because you never know where it may lead!


If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Dominic: It would be seafood. Grilled shrimp is my favorite.


What three words would your family/friends use to describe you?

Dominic: Loyal, fun, and spontaneous.


What are your hobbies outside of work?

Dominic: I participate in triathlons. My favorite part is the cycling. I have also done Half-Ironman competitions and hope to do a full Ironman in the future!


At JGM, we work together, help each other, and rely on each other like a family. If you are interested in joining a company who will support both your personal and professional growth, as well as offer competitive benefits and awesome perks, view our available positions and apply today.

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