Jaime Kevles & her husband

Meet Jaime Kevles: Magic Marketing Coordinator

Our talented team members and the core values they share with us are the reason we call our employees family. That’s why we’re proud to have Marketing Coordinator, Jaime Kevles on our top-notch JGM team. Jaime not only gets to show us how much she cares day in and day out with her dedication to bringing the fun at JGM, but she also gets to tell everyone else all about how great JGM is, too!

We turned the spotlight on Jaime to get some insight into how she lives her shared core values on the job and to get a peek into what her life is like off-the-job, too. Keep reading to find out more about Jaime!


Please introduce yourself: 

Jaime:  Hello, my name is Jaime Kevles, marketing coordinator at JGM. I have been a part of the JGM family since January of 2022.


What are your daily job responsibilities at JGM?

Jaime: My daily responsibilities include keeping JGM’s content fresh and exciting through social media, creating email campaigns to prospects, reporting on internal happenings with our TV screens, and visiting tech and high schools for recruiting. We only hire the elite for JGM, so I organize and attend trade shows to find the right people and live by my favorite Core Value–Family is our Foundation. I also plan special events on and off site like coordinating ice cream trucks on site, hosting celebrations for the first day of spring, and managing Bring Your Kids to Work Day. So much more fun is planned for the remainder of the year, too!


What is your favorite part about working at JGM?

Jaime: I love that each day is different. All JGM team members have a “can do” attitude and reach out to help each other.


What are your hobbies outside of work? 

Jaime: My husband is an avid marathon runner. We attend four marathons a year, all throughout the United States with numerous half marathons in between. You can find me on the sidelines of each one, cheering him on and volunteering at water stops along the course. When not attending races, I am rooting for our Philadelphia Eagles, Phillies, and Nittany Lions with my family. WE ARE!


What’s something about you (a fun fact) that not many people know or that might surprise people?

Jaime: I am probably the pickiest adult eater at JGM! My go to food is chicken fingers & fries!


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