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Nation’s Largest Energy-from-Waste Company Hires JGM to Replace Drag Conveyer

At JGM, we are committed to helping energy-from-waste (EfW) companies provide a more sustainable future by solving their most challenging equipment installation needs. When Covanta Energy, North America’s largest EfW company, contacted JGM for support removing and replacing their existing drag conveyor and Bombay chute (installed when the plant was originally built in the late 1970s), our team was all in.


With only a seven-day plant outage planned, it was critical JGM provided quick solutions to any challenges the team encountered. After evaluating the existing drag conveyor, Bombay chute and jobsite, JGM uncovered a few potential roadblocks. First, there were limited detailed drawings available, so JGM had to reverse engineer the existing conveyor to match. Additionally, there was only a 7’ x 10’ floor opening and an even smaller doorway to fit the new conveyor through. Plus, the existing roof structure did not have enough capacity for the rigging of the 9,000 LB head assembly.


With 20 years’ experience in the industry, JGM delivers unique solutions to client’s most challenging projects. Through a partner original equipment supplier (OEM), JGM sourced the new conveyor which included upgraded drag chains and flights, as well as new controls and a variable frequency drive (VFD) motor. To ensure the removal and replacement went smoothly during the outage, JGM had a full 3D scan of the building and existing equipment completed. This allowed the team to determine the best means and methods for effectively executing the work without causing disruption to the existing power plant operations.

To address the challenge of small entry points at the facility, JGM broke the new conveyor into sub-assemblies that could fit through the 7’ x 10’ floor opening and tight doorway. The team also designed and installed a 36’ long hoist beam to use in combination with trolleys and air hoists to carefully rig and position the sub-assemblies.


Driven to be the safest, fastest, most effective fabricator and constructor, the JGM team worked around the clock for 14 shifts (totaling 2,600 manhours), to complete this project and exceed the client’s expectations. This project was completed within budget and with no recordable injuries.

Have a complex rigging and equipment installation project? Connect with our team of skilled fabricators and industrial constructors who have experience in a variety of markets today. JGM can overcome any challenge to finish your project on time and on budget all with uncompromising safety.

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