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The Falcon: JGM’s 2021 Q3 Newsletter

A Few Words from Our Founder & CEO

Joe Messner, Jr.

Joe Messner, Jr.

2021 has been an incredible year where not only are we celebrating our 20th anniversary, but we also continue to be fortunate to work with incredible clients and our added amazing new team members. We launched a new website and now welcome you to our reimagined quarterly newsletter – The Falcon! Featuring useful safety tips and our progress on becoming the safest contractor in North America! We will also have project spotlights, employee stories & accomplishments, JGM’s pay it forward stories, and the latest “behind the scenes” happenings! We hope you enjoy the content. As always, JGM is here to support our clients’ needs – whether Rapid Response or Turnkey Construction – We CAN We WILL and We DO DELIVER with Uncompromising Safety.


Practicing first aid on a dummy

Safety Never Stops

JGM’s First Aid Support Team (F.A.S.T.) continues to expand and enhance services through safety certifications and “Go Bags.” Learn more about the safety team’s progress in our latest blog.


Overhead Crane Replacement

The JGM team lives by the motto “When You Need It Yesterday.” So, when a longtime client’s power plant was damaged in a fire, JGM responded rapidly to get the plant back up and running in as little time as possible. Responsible for removing and replacing a 100-ton overhead bridge crane as well as all roofing and electrical work, JGM completed the job safely in just four short weeks. Watch the project video to learn more!


318K SF & Over 1800 tons of Structural Steel, Bar Joist and Heavy Crane Rails

JGM is proud to have been awarded a multi-million-dollar project through SSOE, an architecture, engineering, and construction management firm. For this project, our team will be responsible for fabricating and erecting a new, 318k SF manufacturing facility for Magnode, a Sharpe Company in Trenton, Ohio! This project will utilize 732 tons of steel with heavy crane rails and 1,100 tons of joist. Stay tuned for project updates along the way!


Uncompromising Quality: AISC Erector Certification

JGM is proud to be an American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) Certified Steel Erector with a Metal Deck Endorsement (CSE, MEE). Shout out to Dominic Bonura, Ryan Pagels, Rob Policastro, and Sasa Randjelovic, who worked together to develop and implement our Erector Quality Control Program.



Employee Spotlight: Cassandra Romero

Meet Cassandra Romero, resource specialist extraordinaire, as she shares recruiting information and a few fun facts.


Q3 New Hires

We are proud to announce the addition of 24 new hires to the JGM team during the months of July, August and September. These new team members are joining JGM as Welders, Journeyman Ironworkers, General Superintendent, Maintenance Class C, Lead, Estimator and Apprentices. JGM is happy to welcome each and every one of you to the team!

  • Khalif Barrett, Welder 1
  • Jason Biggs, Apprentice
  • Caz Blackwell, Journeyman Ironworker
  • Michael Blizzard, Maintenance Class C
  • Conner Bruce, Journeyman Ironworker
  • Zack Chace, Journeyman Ironworker
  • Israel Espino, Journeyman Ironworker
  • John Falcon, Journeyman Ironworker
  • Collin Jack, Apprentice
  • Matthew Johnson, Welder 1
  • Shamar McCain, Apprentice

  • Charles McCullough, Apprentice
  • Michael McCullough, Journeyman Ironworker
  • Oscar Perez, Journeyman Ironworker
  • Johnny Razo, General Superintendent
  • Kyle Rhoads, Apprentice
  • Pat Shirk, Welder 1
  • Logan Shook, Apprentice
  • Fernando Vargas, Journeyman Ironworker
  • Erik Venuti, Estimator
  • Ralph Warren, Apprentice
  • Jimmy Wild, Lead
  • Zach Willey, Welder 1

Q3 Anniversaries


1 Year

Alan Borgos, Apprentice • Josh Cummings, Material Handler • Jason Gamble, Welder 3 • Chris Messner, Construction Manager • Kyle Moore, Fabricator • Ryan Pagels, VP of Construction • Jose Rivera, Journeyman Ironworker • Joey Tuel, Welder 1


2-5 Years

Julio Bautista, Welder 1 • Wyatt Meanix, Welder 1 • Pat Kelly, Shop Foreman • Rob Policastro, Health & Safety Manager • Justin Mastrippolito, CNC • Elvis Corona, Welder 2 • Mike Houser, Shop Foreman

6-10 Years

Josh Day, Pipefitter Foreman • Flor Medina, CNC • Ken Simeone, Driver • Don Mullen, Driver

11-15 Years

JP Messner, VP of Sales & Estimating

Q3 Recognitions

At JGM, we are committed to providing our team members with ongoing training and career advancement opportunities. Recently, Shop Bay Foremen, Robert Borrell, Mike Houser, Pat Kelly, and Nick Stuetz completed DVIRC Supervisory Training. This training prepared these individuals to transition to a supervisory role; give feedback and motivate others; address negative attitudes; and conduct effective training, which will all be critical skills in their new leadership roles!


Helping Our Community After Historic Floods

Recently, Coatesville, Pennsylvania was the center of historic floods. To support our community, JGM purchased much needed cleaning supplies from Hatts Industrial and Fastenal to help. Joe Messner, Jr. and Kim Gunther delivered these goods to residents of 5th avenue. Check out this behind-the-scenes photo!

Not only does JGM donate to the local community, they also offer a helping hand when needed. When a Coatesville resident had a damaged hot water heater, Joe Messner, Jr., and Jim Workman spent a Saturday morning replacing the water heater. Joe supplied the heavy lifting and Jim brought the expertise needed for successful replacement! Great work guys!

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