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The Falcon: JGM’s 2022 Q1 Newsletter

A Message from Our Founder & CEO, Joe Messner, Jr.

2021 was a great year for JGM as we finished the year with 25% growth and a record-breaking safety performance! We executed over 240,000 man-hours, with an EMR of .662.  The JGM team worked very hard and should be extremely proud of their accomplishments.

As the first quarter of 2022 wraps up, I can say our team is off to a tremendous start and the rest of the year is a shaping up very nicely! Our construction group continues to expand, working in many growing markets such as steel, heavy manufacturing, power, mining, and chemical industries in support of America’s move to onshore manufacturing. Our crews are currently working in several states around the country; including Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, New Jersey, Washington, Arkansas, and Tennessee.

Our fabrication group is fabricating a variety of items ranging from 100’ bridge girders spanning the Raritan River as part of rebuilding America’s infrastructure, duct work for a steel mill, 100k pound girders for 2 Penn Plaza in NYC, and building structures for several manufacturing plants.  Our workforce continues to grow its skills sets across a variety of industries!

As JGM continues to grow and add new team members, it is critical for all our success that we stay focused on what matters the most: employee development, safety culture, and family-oriented values. Engaging our team and making sure we are always listening to their needs will lead us to our goal of being the safest and fastest contractor partner of choice for our customers

In 2020, we initiated a bi-annual eNPS (Employee Net Promoter Scores) survey and we are about to launch our 4th survey. This has been a great tool that allows us to collect valuable information, so we can make the improvements our team members want and need. Some of the feedback that we have received and implemented:

  • Weekly payroll versus bi-weekly
  • Installation of an improved exhaust system in our fabrication facility
  • Improved performance review process
  • Digital signs showing project photos and company updates throughout the shop and offices
  • Leadership training program
  • The launching of the “CHIP” Ashenfelter Core Value Reward Recognition Program

We continue to see positive results from listening and valuing our team members! Stay tuned as more improvements are on their way.

Finally, I am happy to announce that we are rolling out our first ever “bring your child to work day.” This will take place on Thursday, April 28th from 11am-1pm. We will have an open house for all our employees’ children to stop by and check out mom and dads’ hard work! My three girls will be at the shop bright and early to help set up! We will have welding demos, shop tours, access to some of our larger trucks, food, ice cream and a few other surprises. We will be in full recruiting mode for the next generation! Offers on the spot!

Thanks again to all our employees, clients, partners, and vendors for your continued support. Let’s make 2022 count!

Joe Messner, Jr
Founder & CEO

Joe Messner, Jr.

Joe Messner, Jr.

Founder & CEO


JGM Offers Incentive for Recruiting New Talent

We understand our employees are the best source for recruiting new talent, which is why we recently launched a Bonus Referral Program with increased incentives. When a current JGM team member refers a friend, family member, or acquaintance who aligns with our core values, that team member is eligible for a bonus up to $3,500.* This is just one of the many competitive benefits of working at JGM!

Please contact Cassandra Romero to learn more.



JGM core chips

Rewarding a Job Well Done with Core Chips

Earlier this year, our leadership team launched the “CHIP” Ashenfelter Core Value Rewards Program, which recognizes JGM employees who identify safety hazards, help other team members, volunteer, refer friends and family members, focus on their career development, and go above and beyond every day. Team members who embrace our core values are rewarded with Core Chips that are valued at 10 points, which is equivalent to $10, to be redeemed for gear at JGM’s online store.

Our team is the most important factor in achieving our mission to be the safest, fastest, and most effective industrial fabricators and constructors in North America. Rewarding our team members for a job well done not only boosts employee morale, but also helps us achieve these goals!


Construction is Underway on Project Silver & 2 Penn Plaza

Our team is supporting Crystal Steel Fabricators with the fabrication of 32 heavy girders for 2 Penn Plaza located in Manhattan, New York! With an existing structure, the goal of this project is to redo the façade of the building and add 88,000 SF of new floor space that will be cantilevered out from the existing structure. Supporting this addition will be a network of heavy plate girders, beams, and pipe columns that add to the modern aesthetic of the renovation. The fabricated girder (pictured above) measures 66 feet long and six feet tall. It weighs in at 104,180 pounds (just over 52 tons) and is made from 4-inch-thick steel plates.

JGM was contracted by SSOE, an engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) company headquartered in Toledo, Ohio, to help fast track a 320,000 square foot manufacturing facility. JGM was awarded the project at the end of September and must complete the project by the plant’s critical startup date. Our detailing and project management team met with the design team twice a week for entire submittal process to manage through RFI’s and owner driven design changes. We began fabrication in early November and steel erection in mid-December. Over 800 tons of steel and just under 1,000 tons joist and deck have been created. Our team completed the steel erection earlier this week by setting the last piece of steel with a crane!

Challenge Accepted! JGM Begins New Projects.

Cleveland Cliff’s in Coatesville, PA contracted JGM to fabricate a large “hood” that is placed over top of 2,000-degree slabs of reddish orange steel.  Measuring about 37 feet long, 11 feet wide, 6 feet tall and completely lined with refractory, the total weight of the assembly is about 70,000 pounds.  As the name implies, the hood is used to control the cooling down of heated steel slabs to achieve certain heat-treating effects.Additionally, our team is proud to have been awarded the steel fabrication and erection (231 tons total), siding, and roofing of a 23,000 square foot building for the manufacturing of arsine gas. Originally investigated as a possible WW2 warfare agent, the gas is now commonly used in the semiconductor industry for chip fab.  Due to very high demand, the customer had to substantially increase production capacity as quickly as possible, so schedule was very important. The first phase of this project should be completed sometime in June. JGM will also be performing a rigging scope later this summer.

Steel erection


Behind the Bid

Before our team begins a proposal for a new project, we like to complete a walk down with the prospective client. During this time, we typically go to the client’s facility and meet with an engineer and project manager. We listen to what they would like us to bid, walk around and take measurements and pictures, and then relay this information to our estimators so they can prepare an accurate proposal for the project.

Recently, Estimator/Project Manager, Joe Pardo; Fabrication Estimator, Kyle Wick; and Marketing Coordinator, Jaime Kevles, visited Cliff’s in Coatesville, PA and Steelton, PA to complete a walk down. Check out these behind-the-scenes photos!



Johnny Razo

Meet Johnny Razo

The individuals who make up the JGM team are the keystones to our overall success. We especially understand that the team members who are tasked to lead set the tone for the everyone and ensure that we all work together to accomplish our job goals on time, on budget, to the highest quality standards, and as safely as possible. In our latest employee spotlight blog, meet Johnny Razo, super superintendent in construction, to learn more about his role at JGM and a few fun facts, too.


Q1 New Hires

We started the first quarter of 2022 off by adding new members to the JGM family. Join us in welcoming the following team members!

  • Cristopher Cisneros-Guzman, Welder 1
  • Reginald Hinton, Welder 1
  • James Styer, Welder 1

Q1 Anniversaries

  • EJ Calderoni, General Foreman
  • Reed Leavitt, Fabrication Project Manager
  • Nicholas Stuetz, Shop Foreman
  • Logan Tritt, Laborer
  • Isac Castro, Welder 1
  • Pablo Monroy, Welder 1
  • Bobby Gray, Millwright Foreman
  • Sasa Randjelovic, Quality Control Manager
  • Austin Tritt, Journeyman Ironworker
6-10 YEARS
  • Raul Castano, Fabricator
  • Pablo Monroy-Castano, Fabrication Lead
11-15 YEARS
  • Chip Ashenfelter, Purchasing Manager
  • Joe Messner, Sr., Executive VP

Q1 Recognitions


JGM employees in shop

We are so proud of our team’s commitment to career development and ongoing education. Over the past few months, several JGM employees have completed rigging inspector training as well as welding training and tests. Read our blog to learn more about the employees who successfully completed these trainings!

If you have a job that needs to be done yesterday,

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