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The Falcon: JGM’s 2022 Q2 Newsletter

A Message from Our Founder & CEO

As we reach the halfway mark for 2022, we had several significant milestones, project awards, and initiatives that occurred and they call for a big celebration!

A few weeks ago, we had a great time at the JGM Company Outing at the Reading Phillies Family Night to celebrate our continued dedication to uncompromising safety, as we hit two major safety milestones. First, we had one full year without a lost time incident. Not a small feat! Second, our insurance captive awarded JGM the President’s Award for achieving a loss ratio of less than 10 percent. These milestones are reminders that our everyday discipline to great safety habits and behaviors pay off in the long run. Let’s keep up the great work!

JGM Night at Reading Phillies

Next, we tackled a more long-term initiative; we kicked off JGM’s Leadership Development Training Program. A few years ago, I had some game changing insights shared with me that I will never forget and ultimately led to this upcoming journey. The first bit of insight came from a good friend and mentor of mine, Barry Schlouch. He shared “Joe, if you want to be world class then triple down on training.” Now when I heard this I was thinking, “Is he crazy?! Triple down? What is he thinking?” Turns out, I may have been the crazy one.

The second piece of insight that hit home came from Frank Bardo, VP of Fabrication at JGM. He shared that “We do a great job of making sure our team has all the proper tools in their toolbox to do their jobs, except when I open our leadership and management drawer it’s pretty empty. We need to fill this drawer with more tools.” The more I thought about both concepts, the more I came to the realization that these guys were on to something. Having started my career in the field, I always had a great appreciation for having the right tool for the job, I just never looked at training and leadership skills as tools.

So, with that said, I am super excited to announce that we launched our first ever, two-day leadership workshop in May. We will do this every quarter covering topics such as servant leadership, operational excellence, time management, talent development, customer management and communication, financial management, and strategic thinking. Continued education and training are a must, as we live up to the JGM core value of Commitment to Self-Improvement.

Lastly, to wrap up the quarter, I am thrilled to announce an exciting new project! JGM was recently selected by Nucor Tubular Products, a Division of Nucor Corp., to provide the turnkey supply and installation package of a new automated storage rack system at their new mill in Ghent, Kentucky. This automated storage rack system will be the largest of its kind in the world! Our team is busy planning and prepping for the fabrication, site mobilization, and construction, which will be starting towards the end of summer. Stay tuned for progress updates.

2022 is turning out to be another great year so far. Let’s keep up the great work!

I hope everyone has a great summer! Stay safe, stay cool.

Joe Messner, Jr.

Joe Messner, Jr.

Founder & CEO



Bonus Referral Program

Be Rewarded for Recruiting New Talent

Our team members play a critical role in helping us connect with and recruit new talent. To reward employees who refer their family and friends to the JGM team, we offer a bonus up to $3,500. Yes, you read that right!

When a current JGM team member refers a friend, family member, or acquaintance who aligns with our core values, that employee is eligible to earn up to $3,500.* This is just one of the many competitive benefits of working at JGM!

Referral brochures are available in both digital and print copies for you to pass information along to a family member or friend. To request a referral brochure or to learn more about this offer, please contact Cassandra Romero.*


Start Your Career in Construction & Steel Fab

Congratulations to the class of 2022! We are so proud of your accomplishments and wish you the best of luck! Our doors are always open for a shop tour, and we would love to welcome you to the JGM family. Apply today at www.jgmusa.com/careers/ or Text “JOBS” to (888) 250-6122 to start your application.



Summer Safety Matters

Did you know fatalities caused by falls from elevation continue to be a leading cause of death for construction employees? At JGM, safety is at our core, and we strive to send our employees home to their families safely each day. During the first week of May, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) hosted National Safety Stand-Down Week. This annual occurrence raises fall hazard awareness across the country to stop fall fatalities and injuries. JGM voluntarily participated in this event by sharing fall related safety tips with team members. Plus, all employees have completed their OSHA 10 certifications which details fall protection.

In addition to National Safety Stand-Down Week, we participated in OSHA’s Heat Illness Prevention campaign. As we enter summer, it is important construction and fabrication employees understand the dangers of working in the heat. At JGM, our safety message comes down to three key words: Water. Rest. Shade. Whether in our fabrication shop or out in the field, it is critical our team takes breaks in the shade and stays hydrated.


JGM employee on site
Project progress

From Pennsylvania to the State of Washington, We Deliver Quality Work

Members of the JGM team are on site in Tamaqua, Pennsylvania, fabricating and delivering approximately 214 tons of structural steel beams, columns, diagonal braces, and girts. We also delivered and installed an additional 26 tons of structural steel beams, columns, diagonal braces, grating, handrail, and stairs. Our team is on site for 16 weeks and will be wrapping up by the end of June.

When Nucor contacted our team for equipment and mechanical install for a baghouse modernization project, we were all in. We worked hand in hand with Nucor, the design team, and our fabrication partner to ensure we had the most efficient plan in place to minimize downtime to existing operations. Our crew members traveled to Hickman, Arkansas, where they have been working to install a Baghouse System, relocated from a former plant, with several hundred feet of new duct work and multiple new collection points. This new and improved system will greatly improve the dust collection, air pollution control and overall safety for Nucor’s existing Alloy System. With just five weeks to complete this project, our team has been working effectively to bring this baghouse to life.

Challenge Accepted! JGM Begins New Projects.

Did you hear the big news?! JGM was recently awarded an exciting new project in Ghent, Kentucky! Nucor Tubular Products, a Division of Nucor Corp., selected our team as a partner of choice for the turnkey construction of a state-of-the-art automated warehouse racking system. This project is a significant investment for Nucor as it will eliminate the safety risks associated with repetitious manual material handling tasks. For this project, we will be fabricating and erecting over 4,300 tons of structural steel, setting and aligning six new OH Bridge Cranes, installing five material elevators, and all associated transfer tables. Stay tuned as more project progress updates are forth coming. This is going to be an exciting one!Additionally, we were awarded a quench press rebuild at a local steel mill. At JGM, we take on the nation’s toughest projects, and this job is no different. Starting in August, we will have just two-weeks to complete this work safely and to the highest quality standards. We will be operating 24/7 with 22 men on each shift to bring this project to life.

Cleveland Cliffs


JGM employees and their kids

Bring Your Kids to Work Day

On April 28, we hosted our first-ever Bring Your Kids to Work Day! We had 35 children come to work with their moms, dads, and grandparents to experience a day in their boots. We had many fun activities planned, such as face painting, balloon animals, Chick-fil-A for lunch, and an ice cream/water ice truck. The kids got to try on hard hats, safety glasses, vests, and then tour our 65,000 square foot fabrication facility. In the shop, they were able to push the button on the welding robot to create their own JGM plaque. The kids ended the afternoon by placing their handprints on a steel beam, which we will be hanging in the shop!

“The future JGM team looks energetic and ready to learn. A big thank you goes out to Jaime Kevles, Kim Gunther, and the rest of the JGM team for orchestrating. I can’t wait to see what next year has in store,” said Joe Messner, Jr., Founder & CEO at JGM.

Beam handpainting
JGM plaques
JGM employee's kid with a balloon animal




Joe Messner, Jr. and his family

Founder & CEO Attends 3G Spring Fling Party

Youth Mentoring Partnership (YMP) is a local nonprofit that teaches at-risk children goal setting, grit, and gratitude. JGM has been actively involved with this organization for two years and our very own VP of Sales and Marketing, Darryl Berlinger, has served as a board of directors member for the past 18 months. Recently, we were invited to YMP’s 3G Spring Fling Party and our Founder and CEO, Joe Messner, Jr., along with his family, were glad to attend. JGM sponsored a scholarship for one Youth Mentoring Partnership student to attend Pennco Tech Trade School as part of our commitment to the mission and goals of YMP.


The JGM Team Continues Their Education

We are proud to announce the following welders completed certifications to advance their skill sets in the shop.

  • Frank Holm – 1G     AWS D1.5
  • Steven Hicks – 3G FCM     AWS D1.5

Additionally, members of the JGM family completed leadership training. After an 8+ hour day of leadership training, our team had some fun in an axe throwing competition!



Austen Chambers, Jaime Kevles, Jay Sinclair

Meet Austen Chambers, Jaime Kevles & Jay Sinclair

The individuals who make up the JGM team are the keystones to our overall success. We especially understand that the team members who are tasked to lead set the tone for everyone and ensure that we all work together to accomplish our job goals on time, on budget, to the highest quality standards, and as safely as possible. To learn more about Austen Chambers, Jaime Kevles, and Jay Sinclair, be sure to read their employee spotlight blogs to get a glimpse into their roles at JGM, what they like most about the company, and other fun facts, too!


Q2 New Hires

We are proud to add safe, knowledgeable, and driven individuals to our growing team. Join us in welcoming the following new employees!

  • Stuart Adams, Welder 1
  • Austen Chambers, Mechanical Superintendent
  • Salvador Garcia, Welder 1
  • Daniel Jones, Plant Manager
  • Jaime Kevles, Marketing Coordinator
  • Joshua Miller, Apprentice

  • Jonathan Morris, Welder 1
  • Mitchell Noll, Construction Project Manager
  • Joseph Peters, Journeyman Ironworker
  • John Peoples, Apprentice
  • Jay Sinclair Jr., Controller
  • Ronald Treser, Welder

Q2 Anniversaries


  • Ant Bernardine
  • Hugo Garcia-Gonzalez
  • Cassandra Romero
  • Kevin Traynor
  • Justin Warrington
  • Jim Workman
  • Cesar Zuniga
  • Rafael Bermudez
  • Domini Bonura
  • Tanner Crum
  • Zach Johnson
  • Marco Renteria
  • Edgar Santiago
  • Mike Towber

6-10 YEARS
  • Isidoro Alvarez
  • Tara Ashenfelter
  • Fabian Cantoran
  • Kim Gunther
11-15 YEARS
  • Javier Camacho
  • Lalo Camacho
  • Mike Crittenden

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