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The Falcon: JGM’s 2022 Q3 Newsletter

A Message from Our Founder & CEO

I hope everyone had a great summer and enjoyed some downtime with their family and friends. It’s crazy to think we are three-quarters of the way through the year. It’s been a very hot, but safe & productive summer for the JGM team.

Our fabrication group has kicked off several new initiatives that will support JGM’s mission of becoming safer, faster, and most efficient.

First and foremost, we recently made a huge investment in our fabrication facility, with the purchase of Lincoln’s New PYTHON SPG. This new robotic plasma cutter will help process our steel more efficiently & accurately by cutting all miters, block outs, holes, slots and even adding layout marks. The team is pumped to put this machine to the test!

Next, we began our LEAN journey, as we partnered with DVIRC (Delaware Valley Industrial Resource Council) to train our workforce on the principles of LEAN manufacturing. Over the past 12 weeks the team has been working on several projects ranging from:

  • Barcoding for inventory management
  • Standardized training program for new hires
  • Improved KPI’s and visual communication tools
  • Standardized preventive maintenance program
  • Standardized JGM work cells with tool shadow boards

Lastly, our partnership with Pennsylvania School of Technology continues to pay dividends. Our fabrication group had the pleasure of hosting several interns from Penn Tech over the last 8 weeks. These students jumped right into the mix, learning all kinds of new welding and fabrication skills. They were able to work on projects ranging from Raritan River bridge girders to the Amazon Distribution Center and Rutgers’ new Cancer Center. We are anxiously awaiting their return over winter break!

Our construction group just wrapped up a successful outage at Cleveland-Cliffs’ Coatesville Mill.

We rebuilt their quench press, replacing the entire water piping system with over 2,000’ of new stainless-steel piping, new hydraulic cylinders, and all new rollers and platens. This project required detailed planning and execution to safely deliver 8,000 man-hours worth of work within a 2-week period. Great job to the entire team. It was impressive!

Lastly, our construction group was just awarded another project with Nestle Purina. We are excited to partner with Nestle to install their new pneumatic conveyance package. This new system will greatly enhance Nestle’s capacity to meet the growing PANDEMIC DOG demand! Even the Messner Family fell into this trap when our now 15-month Labradoodle, Jack, joined the family! He loves his Purina Food!

I hope everyone has a great Fall – Stay Safe and I look forward to seeing everyone at STEEL Day on Friday, October 21!  

Joe Messner, Jr.

Joe Messner, Jr.

Founder & CEO


Offering Incentives for Recruiting New Talent

Our team members play a critical role in helping us connect with and recruit new talent. To reward employees who refer their family and friends to the JGM team, we offer a bonus up to $3,500. Yes, you read that right!

When a current JGM team member refers a friend, family member, or acquaintance who aligns with our core values, that employee is eligible to earn up to $3,500.* This is just one of the many competitive benefits of working at JGM!

Referral brochures are available in both digital and print copies for you to pass information along to a family member or friend. To request a referral brochure or to learn more about this offer, please contact Cassandra Romero.*


Making Safety Job #1

This summer, we have faced several heat waves. When the temperature rises, it is critical employees stay cool to prevent heat-related illnesses. In addition to making sure our team members stayed well hydrated, we also treated them to Maggie Moo’s Ice Cream and Freeze Pops to help beat the heat. Check it out!

Every workplace should have a safety and health program to ensure the wellbeing of their employees, professional partners, site visitors, and the community. In August, JGM participated in Safe + Sound Week, an initiative hosted by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration that offers information and ideas on how to keep America’s workers safe. We are proud to have participated in this event to energize our existing program and celebrate our safety successes!

Additionally, this month, our team is observing National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month. We are proud to support new evidence-based treatment practices as well as the service providers and community members across the nation who make recovery in all its forms possible.


From Mine Silo Replacements to Quench Press Rebuilds, JGM Keeps Businesses Running

When a mining client in Mauricetown, New Jersey, needed support with a silo replacement our team was up for the challenge. After evaluating the project scope, we decided to break the work into two phases. The first phase included the design, fabrication, and installation of a new steel structure to support the overhead conveyor and distribution pipes. This ensured the two failing silos could be safely replaced. We remobilized in late spring when the new silos were delivered to site by the manufacturer. The second phase of work included demolition of the failing silos, the erection of two 60’ tall and 14’ in diameter silos, as well as the installation of access ladders, handrails, vent pipes, and cross over platforms on the roofs.

Back home in Coatesville, Pennsylvania, our team rebuilt a quench press at Cliffs Coatesville Mill. Known for rolling the widest, thickest and heaviest plate in the country for a variety of military and civilian applications, the quench press rebuild had to be completed within a critical 2-week outage. After a few weeks of pre-outage planning and stainless piping prefab, we worked (2) 12-hour shifts for 15 days straight and completed the project on time, on budget and without incident. Hats off to everyone involved in the project which was one of our most challenging steel mill projects to date.

Challenge Accepted! JGM Begins New Project.

We are excited to announce JGM has been selected as the Turnkey Mechanical & Structural contractor for a pet food processing facility in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. Our team will be responsible for supplying, fabricating, and installing a new pneumatic conveyance system made up of stainless steel and carbon steel piping materials. Plus, we will include roof supports for multiple installations. This project will require simple and complex fabrication and installation into the active facility, so short shutdowns for completion of system tie-ins will be necessary. Work will begin this month and take three to four months to finish.


JGM Invests in New Equipment

We are excited to add new equipment to our fabrication and welding shop! Over the past few months, we have installed the following machines in our facility to increase efficiencies.

  • Python SPG Robotic Plasma Machine – This piece of new equipment features hands-free, automatic job setup, which is fast and error free. With eight-axes of robotic plasma cutting, four-sided cutting that reaches every profile surface, and a 300-amp plasma system that cuts up to 3.3” deep, the Python SPG Robotic Plasma Machine shortens lead times and allows our team to complete larger, more complex projects.
  • Lincoln Cobot Welding Machine – This piece of equipment allows our team to process small to medium sized parts on the built-in tabletop. Welding with a robot provides more consistent, higher quality welds, greater productivity, less rework, and reduced post-weld cleanup. The Lincoln Cobot Welding Machine also allows our team to become familiar with the technology and identify opportunities to incorporate robotics into other areas of our business and industry.


From Mushroom Festivals to Car Shows, We’re All About Having Fun!

Did you know JGM is located just minutes from the Mushroom Capital of the World? On Saturday, September 10 and Sunday, September 11, our team attended and sponsored the 37th annual Mushroom Festival in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania.

Then, from Thursday, September 15 to Saturday, September 17, we served as a Milwaukee Mile Sponsor at The Coatesville Invitational Vintage Grand Prix. This event showcases the historic town and highlights the development opportunities the city of Coatesville has to offer. We love getting out and about and socializing with community members!


JGM’s Quality Committee Ensures Excellence

At JGM, we are committed to our clients and providing them with the highest quality work. To ensure excellence, we founded a Quality Committee, which is led by our Quality Control Manager, Sasa Randjelovic. Each month, members of the Quality Committee meet to discuss non-conformances, corrective actions, and how these items impact project schedules and goals. New trainings and programs for employees are developed because of these meetings to enhance skill sets and reduce setbacks.



Summer Internships: Providing Opportunities For Hands-On Education

This summer we welcomed Evan Brandenburg, Anthony Molinaro, Ethan Pellescki, and Jason Theodore to the JGM team as interns. These men came from Pennsylvania College of Technology and Alvernia University to work in our shop and gain hands-on experience from industry professionals. They all did a fantastic job, and we look forward to having them back during their winter break!




The JGM Team Continues Their Education

We are proud to announce the following welders completed certifications to advance their skill sets in the shop.

  • Benjamin Amaral  AWS D1.5   FCAW 3G
  • Pat Cannon  AWS D1.1      FCAW 4G, AWS D1.5 FCAW 3G FCM
  • Steven Hicks  AWS D1.5   FCAW 3G FCM
  • Michael Simmons  AWS D1.5   FCAW 3G
  • Andrew Webster  AWS D1.5   FCAW 3G
  • James Wilson  AWS D1.1   FCAW 3G, AWS D1.5 FCAW 3G FCM
  • Justin Zupito  AWS D1.5   FCAW 3G

Additionally, we want to congratulate the following employees on their recent promotions.

  • Ronnie Treser – Promoted to 2nd shift Quality Control Inspector
  • Anthony Bernardine – Promoted to 2nd shift Shop Foreman





Employee Spotlight: Meet Dan Jones

Meet Plant Manager, Dan Jones, to learn more about his career at JGM, advice for future constructors, and other fun facts, too!








Q3 New Hires

We are proud to add safe, knowledgeable, and driven individuals to our growing team. Join us in welcoming the following new employees!

  • Patrick Cannon, Apprentice
  • Steven Hicks, Welder 1
  • Michael Simmons, Apprentice
  • Justin Zupito, Welder



Q3 Anniversaries


  • John Falcon
  • Robert Policastro
  • Johnny Razo
  • Pat Shirk
  • Doug Smith
  • Erik Venuti
  • Zach Willey
  • Alan Borgos
  • Pat Kelly
  • Justin Mastrippolito
  • Chris Messner
  • Ryan Pagels
  • Robert Policastro
  • Jose Rivera

6-10 YEARS
  • Elvis Cantoran-Corona
  • Josh Day
  • Mike Houser
  • Flor Medina
  • Don Mullen
  • Ken Simeone
11-15 YEARS
  • JP Messner



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