The Falcon JGM Quarterly Newsletter

The Falcon: JGM’s 2022 Q4 Newsletter

A Message from Our Founder & CEO

I hope you and your family are having a great holiday season. This is by far my family’s favorite time of year. Turkey dinners, holiday spirit, Christmas trees, lights, sharing gifts with loved ones – it does not get any better!

2022 has turned out to be one of JGM’s most busy and exciting years yet. Our family has grown in numbers and in knowledge as we continue down our journey of commitment to self-improvement. We wrapped up our second, two-day FMI Leadership Development Program in September. Our team focused on learning new tools and best practices to apply for planning and measuring our construction projects from start to finish. Below are some of the new tools and processes that we are rolling out across all projects.

  • Pre-Job Planning Process
  • The Stand and Deliver
  • The Daily Huddle and Short Interval Planning
  • Exit Strategy
  • Post-Job Lessons Learned

Christmas came a bit early this year at JGM. We made our final equipment investment for 2022 with the installation of our new Peddinghaus HSFDB-C 4” plate processing line. This will give our team the ability to cut, bevel, drill, tap, and mill plates up to 4” thick, significantly improving our turnaround times on heavy fabrication. This machine is a beast!

On October 21, 2022, we hosted JGM Steel & Safety Day to celebrate our team’s hard work and partnerships! We had close to 500 attendees visiting our plant including customers, vendors, suppliers, partners, future recruits, local senators, and the JGM team! Everyone received a tour of our plant – seeing the new equipment in action. Scott Burrows, a motivational speaker, stole the hour with his personal story, a true testament of vision, mindset, and grit. We provided lunch and music, too. The perfect blue skies and cool fall temperatures were a bonus to a fabulous day. I am hearing so much positive feedback on how perfect the day was, that we are already starting to plan for 2023!

We are headed into 2023 with the strongest backlog in our company history! We are super excited to announce that Banker Steel selected JGM as their major fabrication partner for the new JFK New Terminal One Expansion Project, a $9.5 billion-dollar total infrastructure investment. JGM will fabricate and deliver 8,000 tons of steel over the next nine months. We look forward to being a part of the team building this new, world-class facility!

As we wind down the last few weeks of the year, I am proud to witness the JGM family coming together and rallying to donate close to 300 toys for the Marine Corp “Toys for Tots” program. This year we may need two trucks to make the deliveries. I cannot wait until we need Don and Ken to fire up the Peterbilt’s to haul the box trailers of toys. Keep up the great work!

2022 was a spectacular year and I want to thank the JGM family, our vendors, professional partners, clients, and friends for helping to make this happen. I wish you and your families a safe and happy holiday season!

Joe Messner, Jr.

Joe Messner, Jr.

Founder & CEO

Offering Incentives for Recruiting New Talent

Our team members play a critical role in helping us connect with and recruit new talent. To reward employees who refer their family and friends to the JGM team, we offer a bonus up to $3,500. Yes, you read that right!

When a current JGM team member refers a friend, family member, or acquaintance who aligns with our core values, that employee is eligible to earn up to $3,500.* This is just one of the many competitive benefits of working at JGM!

Referral brochures are available in both digital and print copies for you to pass information along to a family member or friend. To request a referral brochure or to learn more about this offer, please contact Cassandra Romero at [email protected].*


The JGM Family Celebrates the Holidays

The JGM team had a lot to celebrate this month! On Friday, December 16, we hosted our annual holiday party at Beale Manor in Parkesburg, Pennsylvania. Employees were invited to celebrate the holidays, enter raffles to win amazing prizes like Blackstone Griddles and a PlayStation 5, and receive a gift, which included a branded JGM Carhartt jacket and beanie.

At our holiday party, we also celebrated Joe Messner Sr., Tara Ashenfelter, and Chip Ashenfelter’s birthdays and wished Kim Gunther all the best as her time at JGM comes to an end and she embarks on a new adventure.

Spreading Holiday Cheer

On Friday, December 9, the boot truck visited us on-site. Each employee had the opportunity to browse a large selection of boots, try on their favorites, and pick one pair of their choice for the new year. We enjoy seeing team members get excited about this annual tradition and are proud to spread holiday cheer to those who work hard all year long!

JGM Invests in New Equipment

We are excited to add new equipment to our fabrication and welding shop! Over the past few months, we have installed an additional machine in our facility to increase efficiencies.

  • Peddinghaus 4” Plate Processing Machine
    This machine encompasses multiple capabilities, which provide our team members with greater flexibility and quality control. The Peddinghaus 4” Plate Processing Machine offers plasma and oxy-fuel bevel cutting up to 4” thick.


Winter Weather Safety Tips

As the temperature drops and winter weather approaches, we want to take the opportunity to share important safety tips for individuals working outside in the cold this season. When working in harsh conditions, it is critical to wear protective clothing that provides warmth, stay dry, find heat during breaks, and self-monitor for cold stress injuries. Cold stress injuries, such as hypothermia and frostbite, can occur when the body loses heat to a cold environment faster than it can produce it. Hypothermia occurs when the body’s temperature drops to 95°F or below. On the other hand, frostbite is when the skin and tissues beneath it freeze. If you or a team member think you may be experiencing a cold stress injury, it is critical to seek medical attention immediately.


From Pet Food Processing Plants to Automatic Storage & Retrieval Systems, JGM Will Deliver

In October, our team kicked off a new project at a pet food processing facility in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. We are off to a great start supplying, fabricating, and installing a new pneumatic conveyance system that requires over 7,000 LF of stainless steel and carbon steel piping.

When a mining client in Mauricetown, New Jersey, needed support with a silo replacement our team was up for the challenge. After evaluating the project scope, we decided to break the work into two phases. The first phase included the design, fabrication, and installation of a new steel structure to support the overhead conveyor and distribution pipes. This ensured the two failing silos could be safely replaced. We remobilized in late spring when the new silos were delivered to site by the manufacturer. The second phase of work included demolition of the failing silos, the erection of two 60’ tall and 14’ in diameter silos, as well as the installation of access ladders, handrails, vent pipes, and cross over platforms on the roofs.

Back home in Coatesville, Pennsylvania, our team rebuilt a quench press at Cliffs Coatesville Mill. Known for rolling the widest, thickest and heaviest plate in the country for a variety of military and civilian applications, the quench press rebuild had to be completed within a critical 2-week outage. After a few weeks of pre-outage planning and stainless piping prefab, we worked (2) 12-hour shifts for 15 days straight and completed the project on time, on budget and without incident. Hats off to everyone involved in the project which was one of our most challenging steel mill projects to date.

Challenge Accepted! JGM Begins New Project.

JGM was recently awarded a structural steel project for Nucor Corp. at their plant in Crawfordsville, Indiana. Our team will support the installation of a new pulpit for Nucor’s south electric arc furnace. The project scope includes installing a bump out to the existing building to accommodate the new pulpit space and reinforcing the existing building structure to accommodate the extra pulpit weight. Our team will collaborate daily with Nucor to minimize the effect to their ongoing production operations and eliminate any safety hazards.

We are also proud to announce JGM was awarded the installation of Big River Steel’s automated coil car transport system located in their brand-new coil storage building in Osceola, Arkansas. The project scope includes installing 4,000 linear feet of rail and setting equipment that weighs more than 20,000 lbs. The critical path of this project, however, will be the pinpoint alignment of all rails and equipment. To achieve this goal, we will be utilizing our recently adapted surveying technology, the Hilti Total Station. This BIM-ready digital layout tool will bring the accuracy and efficiency to this project and allow for digital “As Built” documents to be updated and stored instantly. JGM will work closely with Big River Steel to ensure the system is installed safely and accurately while delivering on time results!

Finally, JGM has recently been awarded a portion of the structural steel fabrication for a new terminal at JFK International Airport located in Queens, New York. JGM will be responsible for fabrication and delivery of roughly 8,000 tons of steel spread across several areas of the main terminal structure. We look forward to helping our customer successfully meet their aggressive schedule on this major infrastructure upgrade for one of the busiest airports on the east coast.


A Successful Steel & Safety Day at JGM

In October, the JGM family hosted Steel & Safety Day at our facility in Coatesville, Pennsylvania. Close to 500 clients, vendors, professional partners, future recruits, and friends joined us for a day of networking, learning, and fun! We were honored to have motivational speaker, Scott Burrows, at the event to discuss vision, mindset, grit, and the importance of safety. All proceeds raised during Steel Day were donated to the Youth Mentoring Partnership (YMP) in Exton, Pennsylvania. YMP utilizes goal setting, grit, gratitude, mentoring, and relationships to teach children and young adults how to succeed. We are proud to have developed a long-lasting relationship with YMP which will endure for years to come.

Our team had a blast at the 2nd Annual Troop 79 Miller and Long Sporting Clays Classic! We participated in sporting clay shooting while helping Troop 79 reach their goals by purchasing new gear, improving camping trips, and so much more.


Building the Next Generation of Leaders

Recently, our estimators, field supervisors and project managers participated in a two-day training with other future leaders. They were educated and trained on servant leadership along with many other initiatives to deliver world-class construction service! Thank you to the wonderful team from FMI for providing the trainings and Greencastle Associates Consulting for allowing us to utilize their space. JGM’s participating team members each received a new LIFT hard hat as well as new Bulwark FR work shirts.

Q4 Recognitions

JGM Is Committed to Self-Improvement

We are proud to announce the following welders completed certifications to advance their skill sets in the shop.

  • Benjamin Amaral  AWS D1.1   1G   GMAW Robot
  • Cody Dedreux  ASME   6G   GTAW  |  AWS D1.1   6G.   SMAW
    ASME   6G   SMAW
  • John Falcon  AWS D1.1   3G and 4G   SMAW
  • Travis Welter  AWS D1.1   4G   SMAW
  • Anthony Wright  ASME   6G   GTAW
  • Cesar Zuniga  AWS D1.1   3G and 4G   SMAW
  • Bethani Lasky  ASME   6G   GTAW

Additionally, the following individuals will be tested for FCM by the end of the year.

  • Eladio Camacho  AWS D1.5   1G   FCAW
  • Isac Castro  AWS D1.5   3G   FCAW
  • Marco Escoto Renteria  AWS D1.5   1G   FCAW
  • Doug Smith  AWS D1.5   3G   FCAW

We are excited to announce JGM has been recertified in S Stamp, R Stamp, and Certified Steel Fabricator and Erector. Kudos to our Quality Control Manager, Sasa Randjelovic, for all his work to make this a smooth AISC audit.




Meet Jon Morris
Welder 1

Meet Welder I, Jon Morris and learn more about his career at JGM, advice for future welders, and other fun facts, too!








Q4 New Hires

We are proud to add safe, knowledgeable, and driven individuals to our growing team. Join us in welcoming the following new employees!

  • Peirre Bell, Journeyman Millwright
  • Llone Escatel, Journeyman Millwright
  • Kyle Hanna, CNC
  • Jason Hansell, Shop Apprentice
  • Dillon Powell, Shop Apprentice
  • Nicholas Simon, Shop Apprentice



Q4 Anniversaries


  • Jimmy Styer
  • Colin Asper (2)
  • Frank Bardo III (2)
  • Darryl Berlinger (2)
  • Harry Dales (2)
  • Brian Doran (2)
  • Harold Salcedo-Saez (5)
  • Anthony Wright (3)

6-10 YEARS
  • Robert Borrell (9)
  • Mike Quinn (9)
  • Brian Sell (7)
  • Kyle Wick (13)
11-15 YEARS
  • Joe Messner, Jr. (21)
  • Joe Pardo (17)


Congratulations to Joe Pardo for celebrating 17 years with JGM! We are grateful for your hard work and dedication to our team.



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