The Falcon JGM Quarterly Newsletter

The Falcon: JGM’s 2023 Q3 Newsletter

A Message from Our Founder & CEO, Joe Messner, Jr.

I hope everyone enjoyed their summer. It has really flown by this year. Fall is one of my favorite times of the year: Eagles’ football, firepit weather, back to school, holidays, lots of cheerleading competitions (My Favorite! LOL), and lastly JGM’s annual Steel/Safety Day.

This year, the event will be held on Wednesday, October 18 at 12:00 p.m. Our Steel/Safety Day has become a favorite event for the JGM Team, where our entire industry celebrates everyone involved in building America’s infrastructure with STEEL! It is a great event where the JGM Team comes together with our future high school and tech school recruits, clients, engineering partners, material suppliers, and partner vendors for a behind-the-scenes tour of our facility. During the tour, visitors see our team working hard using the latest CNC machinery and welding technology. We will have food trucks, live music, and a special guest speaker sharing his story, “Leaving a Safety Legacy”.  You do not want to miss out! Be sure to RSVP as soon as possible to Jaime Kevles, Marketing Coordinator, at [email protected] if you are interested in attending.

Our construction and fabrication group is in full swing working on projects in multiple states, including PA, IN, NY, AR, TN, and KY.

Our Pennsylvania team of 90 craftsmen is making tremendous headway on a challenging 600k square foot roof reinforcement project. We have a team of welders, fitters, carpenters, operators, fire watch, and laborers working like a well-oiled machine as we relocate a 60k square foot suspended platform and reinforce over 2,000 joists, all while working safely above a 24/7/365 continuous e-commerce operation. The team has done an impressive job meeting the challenge safely and “when you need it yesterday.”

Our crew in Kentucky successfully wrapped up the rigging of four, 110,000-pound overhead bridge cranes. The challenge was that the client needed us to figure out a way to set them through the side of the mill building instead of through the roof. The team demonstrated how “We Plan, We Adapt, We Succeed” as they designed a unique solution using temporary columns and rails to extend the crane runway through the walls to allow the setting of the cranes. The team set these cranes in just two days, using a 650-ton all-terrain hydraulic crane. Hats off to the entire crew!

The fabrication team is coming down the final stretch fabricating and delivering 8,000 tons for the JFK International Airport New Terminal One. This project required over 95,000 manhours over the course of seven months. The team continues to deliver high quality work, while meeting an aggressive schedule. Job well done!

Be sure to catch the next edition of THE FALCON, as we share some exciting announcements for key promotions, equipment, and facility expansions.

As always, we are grateful for our team’s dedication and hard work as we continue the pursuit of becoming the safest, fastest, and most effective fabricator and constructor in North America.

I hope you and your family enjoy the fall season. E-A-G-L-E-S … EAGLES!!! Stay safe!

Joe Messner, Jr.

Joe Messner, Jr.

Founder & CEO


Enhancing Our Safety Knowledge & Skills

OSHA 10 Training

At JGM, safety is not negotiable. Our team members play a vital role in ensuring the safety of everyone in the office, shop, and field. Recently, our team in Sinking Springs completed a two-day, in-person OSHA 10 training. This course is designed to enhance workplace safety, compliance, hazard identification, and best practices for maintaining a safe work environment.

American Society of Safety Professionals (ASSP) Conference 

Rob Policastro and Roy Cantu attended the American Society of Safety Professionals (ASSP) Conference in San Antonio, Texas. They attended a variety of workshops and networked with other safety professionals. When they returned to JGM, they had a wealth of knowledge about the latest industry trends and best practices to share with everyone. Keep up the great work, team!


Bar Joist Reinforcement Project in Scranton, PA

JGM is currently working at a distribution facility reinforcing the roof joists, girders, and columns. The project calls for more than 800 tons of steel and 36 miles of weld to complete the over 600,000 square feet reinforcement…all while the facility remains operational. We have a 90-member team of welders, fitters, laborers, fire watch, safety, and supervision supporting the project. To date, 62,000 square feet of roof has been reinforced and the push is on to complete a large majority of the building before the first snow fall.

Challenge Accepted! JGM Begins New Projects.

Big River Steel Push Pull Pickle Line – Osceola, AR As part of Big River Steel’s (BRS) next phase of expansion, they will continue to focus on their steel making capabilities by building a second Mini Mill at the Big River site. The expansion will include a Push Pull Pickle Line (PPPL). JGM has been chosen to install the critical equipment for the line. The pickling and galvanizing line is designed for the production of galvanized hot strip steel. This is our second OEM line installation work at the site and another of many projects already successfully planned and executed for BRS. We are excited to partner with BRS and continue to play an integral role in the construction of Mini Mill 2.

Nucor Lexington Bridge Structures – Lexington, NC

JGM was recently awarded a project for Nucor’s new Lexington, North Carolina rebar mill that is just getting underway. The project involves fabricating and installing approximately 90 tons of heavy bridge girders for two bridges crossing wetland on the site. One is a vehicle bridge and the other is a railroad bridge. All the welding will conform to AWS D 1.5 standards with 100% visual inspection for fracture critical requirements. The girders on the bridges will be installed per NCDOT specifications. We are grateful to be included in this exciting Nucor project!

Pharmaceutical Outage – Malvern, PA

JGM was recently awarded a project handling the structural and rigging work associated with a pharmaceutical plant renovation in Malvern, PA. Structurally, we will be demolishing existing stairs and platforms as well furnishing and installing new stainless-steel platforms for access to new tanks and equipment. Additionally, our team will be removing various tanks and vessels and handling the unloading, rigging, and setting of new tanks and equipment. All this work will be executed in a critical three-week shutdown (around the clock) for the client.


Baseball Games & Shaved Ice Make Summer Fun

At JGM, we are a family, and we enjoy spending time together in and out of the workplace. This summer, we enjoyed an outing to Clipper Magazine Stadium to watch the Lancaster Barnstormers play baseball. We had a blast meeting each other’s families and enjoying the game!

Summer would not be complete without shaved ice to keep us cool! During the summer heat wave, we had Kona Ice visit our team. Employees got to choose from a variety of flavors to beat the heat and stay hydrated.


Maximizing Benefits: Health is Wealth, Utilize What You Have Earned

JGM’s health benefits are designed to help you maintain both physical and mental well-being. Take advantage of these offerings by scheduling regular check-ups and screenings. Did you know that you and your dependents are able to get annual physicals at little to no cost? These benefits cover preventive measures that can catch potential health issues early, saving you from more substantial medical bills in the long run.

Our health benefits also include programs such as reimbursement for gym memberships up to $150, wellness programs for weight management and smoking cessation, and more at no cost to our members.

Benefits provided by JGM are more than just perks – they are resources that can enhance your well-being and overall quality of life. Taking the time to understand and effectively utilize these offerings can make a significant difference. Health is wealth!

To learn more about these programs, please review the 2023-2024 JGM Benefit Guide located in Bamboo HR or reach out to Debi Weed, VP, People & Culture at [email protected].


JGM Is Committed to Self-Improvement

We are proud to announce these welders have advanced their skill sets in the shop and have received certifications in the following areas.

  • Richard Enzman
    FCAW – AWS D1.5 Fracture Critical 3G
  • Alejandro Garcia Gonzalez
    FCAW – AWS D1.5 Fracture Critical 3G
  • Mario Garcia Gonzalez
    FCAW – AWS D1.5 Fracture Critical 3G

  • Frank Holm
    SAW – AWS D1.5 Fracture Critical 1G
  • Derek Lazarus
    FCAW – AWS D1.5 Fracture Critical 3G



Meet Isaac Figueroa, CNC Operator

At JGM, we have built a team of talented individuals who have the experience, skills, and required grit to tackle innovative projects in both our shop and field. One such individual is Isaac Figueroa, a CNC Operator who works out of our Sinking Springs plant. Keep reading to learn more about Isaac and his role at JGM.


Q3 New Hires

We are proud to add safe, knowledgeable, and driven individuals to our growing team. Join us in welcoming the following new employees!

  • Darryl Beck
  • Andrew Ciliberto
    Project Engineer
  • Dave Haines

  • Luke Harkcom
    Plant Manager
  • Jon Wolf
    Shop Apprentice

Q3 Anniversaries


  • Peirre Bell
  • Cody Dedreux
  • Llone Escatel
  • Kyle Hanna
  • Jason Hansell
  • CJ Newman
  • Julio Bautista
  • John Falcon
  • Pat Kelly
  • Chris Messner
  • Ryan Pagels
  • Rob Policastro
  • Robert Policastro
  • Johnny Razo
  • Jose Rivera
  • Pat Shirk
  • Doug Smith
  • Erik Venuti
  • Zach Willey

6-10 YEARS
  • Elvis Cantoran-Corona
  • Josh Day
  • Mike Houser
  • Justin Mastrippolito
  • Flor Medina
  • Ken Simeone
11-15 YEARS
  • Don Mullen
16-20 YEARS
  • JP Messner

Refer a New Hire & Earn Up to $5,500*

We are always looking for safe, hard-working, and talented people to join the JGM Team and you can help! New hires who come to our company through employee referrals are excellent contributors and stay with the company for longer. If you have a friend, family member, or acquaintance who shares our core values and has pure talent, you could be awarded a referral bonus of up to $5,500 (less taxes)* if you refer the candidate and they are hired.

Team members must refer candidates to Human Resources through the Employee Referral Program by using the Candidate Referral Form to be eligible. Additional rules and eligibility guidelines apply. If you have questions, please contact our HR Coordinator, Cassandra Amaral at [email protected].

If you have a job that you needed yesterday, contact JGM today.


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