JGM supplied all of the management, supervision, labor and equipment to design-build a new resin coating plant for the frac sand industry. Working seven days a week, the design team was able to keep up with every change or challenge that arose as the new plant was built and integrated into the existing frac sand plant.

With the natural gas market seeing an explosion in growth, it was important that JGM maintain the fast track schedule, allowing the client to be the first to market this new, innovative product. At the peak of this project, over 100 men were working 12-hour days on site, seven days per week.

Because logistics needed to be just right to hit the target deadline on this project, everything from steel erection and siding installation to equipment setting and start up took place simultaneously.

With such a quick turnaround and fast construction, JGM felt it was necessary to have a secondary set of eyes on the overall project. A safety consultant was hired to review the job site in addition to our full-time safety supervisor. This allowed us to complete the project ahead of schedule and with zero incidences.


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Genoa, NE


8 Months

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