JGM was contracted by our mining client, to provide rapid response services for a turnkey conveyor replacement project located in the state of North Dakota.  JGM mobilized our team within 2 weeks of the project award. The challenge was we needed to replace a 1,000’ long conveyor belt that was hauling coal at a rate of 3,000 tons/ hour. This belt was the main feed belt for the 1,200 MW coal fired power plant.

This project presented many obstacles that JGM, the client and the design team needed to overcome. The First challenge was developing a comprehensive manpower and logistics plan to support this MSHA-48 mining project located in a remote location in North Dakota. Next, the design and all shop drawing submittals for the conveyor components, H-Piles, Foundations, Steel structure, Electrical, and controls needed to be fast tracked. JGM’s team began working with the design team prior to award so that we could begin to build efficiencies into the work. Finally, we needed to look for opportunities that we could standardize throughout the project and ways to eliminate field work.

Peak construction was scheduled in the middle of November (less than ideal in North Dakota!). There were over 100 70’ deep H-piles, 400 cubic yards of concrete, 3 miles of electrical cabling, 600 tons of galvanized structural steel, 2,000′ of rubber belt and we had over 300 tractor trailer loads of materials. One of the key components was the ability to modularize the conveyor gallery so that we could assemble in a warehouse onsite. All gallery assembly work took place during day shift while our night shift installed all electrical, mechanical and fire protection components. There were a total of 6 conveyor galleries, 190’ long weighing in excess of 190,000.

At the Peak JGM had over 85 personnel on site. This project was executed with zero lost time incidents




North Dakota


5 months

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