On the Wednesday afternoon before Thanksgiving, JGM received a phone call from an Exelon maintenance manager about an emergency steel bridge repair that “was needed yesterday”!

The problem was that Exelon did not know exactly what they needed and to what extent. JGM mobilized within one hour of the call with a team of engineers to look at the structure. Exelon was in the middle of a major turbine outage and was scheduled to have the new turbine delivered to the site on Saturday.

A major obstacle was that this turbine would need to be backed into the building over the structural steel bridge that was failing. After careful inspection of the structure and discussions with Exelon, we devised a plan to build a secondary bridge at our fabrication plant and deliver the finished product to the site.

We were able to pick up the entire assembly with two forklifts and an overhead crane to set into its final resting place.

The bridge weighed 38,000 pounds and was 10-feet-wide by 45-feet-long. JGM worked with its steel supplier to procure material and our fabricators and welders worked 16 hours on Black Friday. JGM transported the structure on Saturday morning and the turbine was unloaded and installed as per the original outage schedule.


Exelon Corp


Fairless Hills, PA


3 Days

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