In 2010, JGM was contacted by Penntex Construction to bid on a fast track fabrication project for Amazon in Breinigsville, Pennsylvania. The client needed a 250,000 square foot mezzanine designed, fabricated and installed in their existing warehouse. In the existing warehouse, the columns were 50-feet by 50-feet center to center and the mezzanine needed to be 14-feet in height.

Originally, JGM was asked to supply three bids for the design, fabrication and installation package—one each to be completed within six months, three months and 45 days. Other fabricators had already turned the bid down because of the aggressive timeframe, but JGM, realizing the critical nature of the project to the end client, decided to take an interesting approach. They aligned themselves with several of their competitors to bring in the manpower needed to achieve the unheard of 45-day turnaround.

After submitting a 45-day bid, JGM won the project and immediately set to work, finishing on schedule and on budget. The fast-paced, collaborative approach that JGM took to complete this project ultimately transformed JGM’s business model and approach to fast track projects from then on out.


Penntex Construction


Breinigsville, PA


45 Days

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