Mission Critical Industrial Services

Mission Possible: Taking Your Critical Projects to the Next Level

When time and obstacles seem against you, there’s only one team to call. At JGM, we’re ready to meet your demanding schedule and provide you with the quality you expect.

Have you ever been asked the question, “Can your industrial contractor do this?”

At JGM, the answer is always yes.
When you’re down to the wire or attempting a complex design that’s never been done before, we’re ready to step in and help your team find creative solutions that ensure you meet or exceed your fast track project’s target deadline. Our fabrication team, along with our partnership network, allows us great flexibility and creativity to meeting the toughest of schedules for industrial owners where every hour counts!

Just ask Amazon.

They turned to us for a 750,000 square foot mezzanine construction that we designed, fabricated and installed in just 90 days!

We offer an extensive amount of comprehensive mission critical industrial services, including:

  • Steel Erection
  • Piping Installation
  • Millwright Work
  • Equipment Setting
  • ASME Code Welding
  • Turnkey Construction Management
  • Fast Track Steel Fabrication
  • Heavy Rigging

Industrial Construction

Are you ready to turn your conceptual ideas into a reality?
From design and installation to maintenance and repairs, we are ready to tackle your next project with our turnkey industrial services.

Combining our design-build construction management with our specialty fabrication services, we can help you achieve your goals faster than anyone else. We get involved from the very start, helping to prepare budgets, providing estimates, and creating concept drawings, schematics and shop drawings. Our design-build services allow us to complete everything in-house, providing you with superior fabrication, equipment setting, millwright work, chute work and pipe installation all under one roof and ensuring that your project is completed within your aggressive timeline.

As an AISC Certified Fabricator, our team members have undergone extensive training to ensure that their work meets the highest standards and that strict safety procedures are always in place. Our main training topics include:

  • Blueprint Reading
  • Layout and Fit-Up for Structural, Industrial and Mechanical Fabrication
  • Quality Inspection Training
  • Proper Welding Techniques
  • CNC Equipment Training
  • Bolt Installation Training
  • Connector Training
  • Rigging Training
  • Power Actuated Tool Training
  • Equipment Operating Training

Always there when you need us, our turnkey industrial services allow us to adapt to new and unusual field conditions with ease, helping bring your ideas to fruition while ensuring your project is always compliant.

Steel Erection Services

When emergencies occur or materials arrive damaged, there’s only one fabricator to call.
JGM has extensive experience jumping in at the last minute to ensure the successful completion of industrial buildings, manufacturing structures, high-rise buildings, power plants, stadiums and data centers that have extreme logistical challenges and tight schedule constraints.

Our skilled team of engineers, estimators, project managers and field superintendents are involved in the critical planning from the moment you call, submitting engineered erection plans, critical lift plans and site-specific safety plans throughout the process.

These plans ensure that every team member and project partner knows how we intend to complete each and every step of the project.

We guarantee your projects get completed on or ahead of schedule by using the latest state-of-the-art tools, equipment, rigging materials and technology, including:

  • Cranes ranging from 23 to 5,000 tons
  • Jacking Systems
  • Aerial Lifts
  • Man Baskets
  • Scaffolding Systems and Surveying Equipment
  • Bolt Torquing Equipment
  • Welding Equipment
  • Fall Protection
  • CWI on Staff
  • Critical Path Method (CPM) Schedules created using Microsoft Project and Primavera
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM) Analysis using AutoCAD, Revit, Tekla, Navisworks and RISA-3D

When circumstances change or previously unknown conditions arise, we won’t waste any time. We provide ongoing consultations with our in-house engineers to address surprise challenges or setbacks, and our employees react quickly, adapting to any new situation and often saving our clients money in the process.

Safety Is Foremost

Both in our facilities and out on site, safety comes first and foremost. We strictly adhere to all OSHA and MSHA safety standards to ensure that safe practices are enforced at all times.

In addition, we have extensive familiarity with government and industry regulations, which enables us to ensure the compliance of your project through completion.

By giving our employees the extensive training needed to identify and resolve at-risk behaviors and potential hazards immediately, we can prevent accidents from occurring rather than simply react to them.

Mechanical Installation & Construction

When you have a unique challenge that needs immediate attention, JGM can help.
We know that unplanned outages and extended timeframes hurt your bottom line, which is why we offer the services you need to ensure your plant shutdown, expansion or emergency repairs are only temporary.

Working with you from the initial design phase, we use cutting edge BIM technology to create design prototypes that give a concrete visual of how your project will turn out.

This process also allows us to pinpoint aspects of the design that could be more effective and recommend design changes that improve the functionality and security of your fabrication, as well as guaranteeing that your design is feasible, affordable and compliant.

Our team of project managers and engineers will then examine each project’s specific needs before bringing together the best detailers available to accomplish your goals in the fastest, safest, most effective way possible.

Once fabricated, we provide installation for a variety of heavy mechanical products and equipment, including:

  • Air-Quality Control Systems such as Scrubbers, SCRs, FGDs, Baghouses and Silos
  • Air-Cooled Condensers
  • Boilers
  • Conveyors
  • Process Equipment

Process Piping & Millwright Services to Industrial Plant Owners

Ensuring that your industrial plant is operating at the highest efficiency is of the utmost importance to us.
When you need customized process piping or millwright services fast, we’re ready to meet your urgent needs.

Pipework is at the center of your daily operations, and it is key to keeping your plant functioning as it should. Our ASME and AWS-Qualified Welders are experts in a number of processes, including GTAW, GMAW, FCAW and SAW. This background allows them to design the perfect system for your organization, ensuring that the pipes are built to endure years of service.

This background allows them to design the perfect system for your organization, ensuring that the pipes are built to endure years of service.

We’ll determine the proper materials and design needed to transport your product, as well as engineer a system that addresses all of your concerns, including pressure levels, flow rates, temperature conditions and more.

All of our fabricated spools are inspected to ensure accuracy, weld quality and conformance to your design’s unique specifications and code requirements.

Our facilities are equipped to perform non-destructive examinations (NDE), including positive material identification (PMI), and magnetic particle, dye penetrant, hydro, ultrasound and radiographic testing.

Whether you’re planning to move your plant to a new location or building a brand new facility, our experts can install, dismantle, repair, reassemble and transport your equipment as needed, ensuring your machinery is protected throughout the entire process.

Our millwright services also include leveling and aligning equipment, as well as pairing your equipment with the necessary power supply.

Construction Management

After more than 15 years in the construction business, we’ve learned a thing or two about managing a project.
At JGM, we can provide you with comprehensive construction management that meets your demanding schedule and unique specifications.

From initial design plans and estimations to budget and schedule management, our project managers are here to advise you on all aspects of your project from start to finish.

Our unique partnerships with vendors and subcontractors make coordinating and managing the fabrication and erection processes a breeze, while our high standards and careful attention to detail ensure that your finished product passes all inspections with flying colors.

Emergency Engineering

For when you need it yesterday, look no further.
Natural disasters, unexpected cracks and structural damage can come out of nowhere, but they don’t have to ruin your plans.

From simple fixes to complex repairs, we will work around the clock to get your project back on the fast track.

As one of only 53 companies in the world that has both the AISC Advanced Bridge Certification (ABR) and the AISC Fracture Critical Endorsement (FC), we’ve proven our ability to respond quickly to emergency situations and turn projects back around.

By responding and taking action immediately, we can reduce the impact of the emergency on your structure as quickly as possible.

When you need it yesterday.
610 873 0081
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