Nucor was upgrading their alloy additive batch making process to a new automated system to help decrease the time it takes to make material grade changes and increase their overall through put. To accomplish this, a fully automated alloy system was designed, fabricated, and constructed.

The challenge was that the new two story structural tower with all the equipment, load cells, chutes and hoppers needed to be installed during a scheduled maintenance outage so that Nucor’s overall production was never interrupted. JGM worked with the design team to take a modular approach. This allowed us to build the first and second floor with the associated equipment, electrical, and control Infrastructure, all installed pre-outage. Once the outage started, we began the demolition of the existing batch making equipment and made 2 modular picks, weighing more than 30,000 lbs., to set the new tower in place.

All outage work was completed safely and on time during the 6-day outage.


Nucor Steel


Jackson, MS


2 weeks

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