JGM was awarded the structural steel fabrication and erection of a new 3 story structure to support a processing plant expansion line. This project required over 250 tons of galvanized steel and platforms, 1,200 LF of handrail, 6,500 SF of grating and 11,500 SF of decking.

The challenges for this project were that all of the new steel had to be erected in an active chemical plant inside the confines of a pre engineering building structure. Working in the confines of an active chemical plant present several increased hazards, ranging from hazardous chemical exposure to explosive environments – and there is little room for error. To guarantee a safe and timely project, we know it all comes down to pre-planning every step.

First, we start with establishing a detailed manpower loaded schedule and identify all tasks required. Next, we look at each task and identify the hazard we may encounter to look for ways we can engineer safety into the project from the beginning. Then, we utilize the BIM model to help visualize what issues we may encounter with our plan. After several iterations of virtually building the structure  and soliciting feedback from other project stakeholders, the plan was finalized into a working document to be reviewed daily.

We Plan, We Adapt, We succeed. This project required over 6,000 man-hours and was performed incident free.






8 months

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