In May of 2018, JGM received a call for our rapid response team to mobilize and  develop a detailed demolition & reconstruction plan for a roof replacement on a 120’ tall, bolted silo that had a structural collapse. This was a loadout silo at a busy terminal in the heart of oil country where every hour of downtime had significant cost impacts to the operations.

JGM developed a unique approach that enabled us to utilize one crane instead of two. We erected a full height scaffold system around the perimeter of the silo. This enabled our crews to have safe wok access around the entire perimeter of the silo at multiple levels. We assembled all new roof silo components on the ground to allow for a single pick. JGM’s electrical subcontractor supported our crews to disconnect all power to the existing equipment, ensuring a safe LOTO process. We then began the removal of the existing conveyors, chutes, dust collection system, and catwalks. The final part of the demolition plan was the silo roof and wall removal. Once this operation was underway, we needed to have the plant back up and running within 5 days. Once again, our team of professionals rallied through 110 degree heat in southern Texas to meet the challenge. On the 5th day of the outage the plant was loading out sand and our crew was packing up! Another project completed safely and on schedule!


Preferred Sands


Poteet, TX


14 days

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