When CR Meyer and Kimberly Clark kicked off the construction of a new $150 MM 24- Megawatt Cogen power plant project, they knew they needed a fabrication partner that understood logistics and critical timelines. Utilizing Tekla 3-D Modeling, JGM worked with the project team to establish the critical sequences and modular assemblies that would work best for the project.

JGM’s fabrication and transport expertise combined with our strategic galvanizing partner, V&S Galvanizing, allowed us to supply the jobsite with 90 modular pipe racks. 900 tons of galvanized steel was detailed, fabricated, assembled, and delivered to Chester, Pennsylvania over the course of 5 months. There were 90 oversized loads ranging from 10’ wide to 16’ wide. We shipped these to a laydown yard where the various contractors preinstalled all the cable trays, conduit, piping & insulation prior to their final pick with the 550-ton hydraulic crane. It was critical that we keep a steady flow, as all the modular sections were going to be set during scheduled outages over and an operating Manufacturing facility.

The project was an enormous success and allowed Kimberly Clark to shut down their existing coal fired power plant, reducing their overall carbon footprint. Lastly, The New Cogen plant started just in time as Kimberly Clark entered a boom time for toilet paper manufacturing during the 2020 pandemic!



CR Meyer


Chester, PA


5 months

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