JGM was awarded an outage project for Covanta Energy to make all needed upgrades to remove and replace three new boiler feedwater pumps with two new electric driven pumps and one new steam driven pump. The scope of work also included the replacement of all associated piping, valves, insulation , hangars, and structural supports.

JGM put together a detailed schedule that was broken down into three phases: pre outage work, outage work and post-outage work. The project presented many challenges as all the work took place in the confines of the small basement of the boiler house. Our team put together a detailed rigging plan to rig out the old pumps and lower in the new pumps. The three new pumps were aligned via laser alignment to ensure an accurate set. We shop fabricated over 300 LF of spool sections to eliminate time in the field. The project required a total 500 LF of piping ranging from 1/2”  to 12” XS. The power piping scope of work fell under ASME section IX;  B31.1. All welding was performed using the GTAW process with 100% purge. JGM installed all pumps, piping, valves and hangars to the fullest extent possible prior to the final tie in. The plant went into a scheduled 48-hour black out outage. This is when the entire plant is shutdown completely and allows our crew to work around the clock to make all the necessary final tie ins.

This project was a challenge for our team and took great amount of team work to bring it in on time with zero lost time incidences.


Covanta Energy


Harrisburg, PA


60 days

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