• Client: ASGCO
  • Project: Fabrication of several complex chutes for a coal-handling system
  • Services provided:
  • Industry: Fast Track Fabrication
  • Project turnaround: 3 Weeks

As a design-build material handling company, ASGCO specializes in power mining industry projects. Their client, PPL, needed several complex chutes fabricated for their new coal-handling system before their plant shutdown date. Operating under this strict deadline, ASGCO turned to JGM to help with the fast track fabrication and lining of these steel chutes.

After supplying ASGCO with accurate pricing for the necessary materials and labor, JGM began the fabrication process. The chute work was coated with a special stainless steel liner to help with the abrasion resistance of the material, and JGM was able to complete the necessary fabrication by the deadline. PPL’s plant was back up and running within the desired timeframe, providing electricity to Pennsylvania residents.