JGM had just completed the erection of  a 1,000,000 SF warehouse in Edison, NJ, as Amazon was closing in to sign a lease for this building. As JGM completed the main warehouse, we were also asked to put a plan together on how we could erect a 750,000 square foot mezzanine inside of the building.

The challenge was, JGM needed 9,000 tons of structural steel and joist fabricated in 10 weeks, and the entire mezzanine had to be erected in a 6-week time frame. This project required extreme collaboration between JGM, North Star Construction & the design team. We collectively took the lean construction process to a new level! Our strategic vendor partners played a critical role in helping JGM execute these mission critical projects. We engage all of our suppliers and subcontract partners early in the process, so we have everyone’s ideas and buy in. Every detail matters, down to how the truck is loaded and when it arrives. There were over 550 tractor trailer loads of steel, joist & deck, 80,000 bolts and 5,000 LF of handrail. We had beams weighing more than 23,000 lbs. JGM utilized specialized high capacity forklifts & side loaders that enabled our team to work extremely efficiently inside the warehouse.

At Peak construction JGM had over 75 ironworkers on the jobsite. Our decking crews were installing 50,000 SF of metal deck per day. This project required over 30,000 man hours and was completed on schedule with zero list time incidents.


North Star Construction Management


Edison, NJ


4 months

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