Complex Steel Fabrication

Build the Impossible with JGM

If you need help figuring out the details of your complex steel fabrication, don’t wait another minute.

At JGM, we’re always up for the challenge.

Complex Steel Fabrication

Don’t let other fabricators tell you that it can’t be done.
At JGM, saying no is simply not an option. No matter the size or complexity of your structural steel fabrication, we believe that anything is possible.

We bring our “when you need it yesterday” mindset to everything we do, delivering complex, high-quality fabrications to your shop or construction site in half the time you’d expect.

From intricate designs that incorporate many moving parts to large-scale fabrication jobs, we have the skills and the creative ingenuity to bring your projects and schedules to life.

In our AISC Certified facility, we employ only highly skilled AWS Certified Welders, and we encourage each of our team members to continue their education by providing extensive training in proper safety standards, fabrication, equipment operation, welding techniques, thermal cutting, rigging and more.

Our experts have in-depth experience with:

  • Heavy Truss Fabrication
  • Plate Girder Fabrication
  • Bridge Girder Fabrication
  • Fabricated Box Column
  • Heavy Ductwork & Chute Fabrication
  • ASME Pipe Fabrication

Safety comes first and foremost at JGM, both in our facilities and out on site. All of our shop members are OSHA 10 Certified and we strictly adhere to all OSHA standards to ensure that safe practices are enforced at all times.

Complex Engineering

Are you tired of outsourcing your design, engineering and fabrication needs?
Simplify your complex steel fabrication project by investing in a company that does it all. At JGM, we offer in-house engineering services that will streamline your project and save you time and money in the process.

Our engineers know how each and every steel beam, truss and girder fits together, making it easy for them to determine the feasibility of your project quickly and efficiently. We approach every project from outside of the box, offering solutions that are designed specifically to meet your needs.

We can also identify where cost and schedule problems might arise during this phase, then address those concerns before they waste your valuable time or money.

By utilizing the latest software and 3D modeling systems, we can transform client-provided sketches into fully fleshed out designs.

From these designs, we create CNC files that are directly imported into the machinery we use in our fabrication facility.

This process helps ensure accuracy and enables our team members to respond to any changes immediately.

Our comprehensive shop drawing and 3D modeling services also include the development of erection sequence plans and job-site-specific safety and erection plans that ensure all safety protocols are enforced throughout the construction process.

In addition, we provide AISC-Certified detailing, full 3D modeling, electronic submittals, CNC-DSTV-DSF-CIS2 electronic data exchange formats and 3D mechanical clashing models.

Design Coordination

Let’s take your design up another notch.
In addition to our engineering solutions, our design coordination services allow us to work collaboratively to incorporate every part of your concept into a cohesive design.

When you choose JGM for your design-build or design-assist needs, we guarantee superior results.

We’re a team of creative thinkers and, combined with our extensive experience in steel fabrication and erection processes, we bring a vast wealth of knowledge and unique solutions to the drawing board.

We’ll determine the feasibility of your project from the very beginning, identifying where challenges may occur, before they arise in the shop or on the construction site.

During the design phase, we’ll offer insight into the market costs of the steel and supplies you’ll need and establish a fast track schedule that ensures all products are delivered punctually, and that your project is completed on time.

We leave no detail to chance, even down to the number and size of the bolts you’ll need.

With our state-of-the-art 3D modeling software, we can show you detailed renderings of what your finished structure will look like. These 3D models are an effective way of analyzing a design and working out the key logistics before production begins.

Once finished, shop drawings are generated from these models and passed over to the shop where the fabrication process can start.  

OEMs Specialized Fabrication Service

As an OEM Fabricator, we know that time is money.
When you’re looking for a fabricator to manufacture equipment parts, trust the ones that are known for speed.

At JGM, we partner with OEMs to take their equipment designs from an initial sketch to the production line.

Our in-house engineering and design services help determine the feasibility of your designs and give us the chance to offer cost-effective recommendations that will improve the efficiency of your equipment and cut down on manufacturing time.

In our AISC Certified shop, our AWS Certified Welders work together to produce the highest quality products. We train our team in a full range of fabrication techniques and services, including quality inspection, laser cutting, welding, powder coating and assembly.

Our commitment to continuous training and professional growth enables us to provide our clients with the latest in cutting-edge techniques, services and solutions.

Fracture Critical Bridge & Infrastructure

JGM is 1 of only 53 steel fabricators in the world that has both the AISC Advanced Bridge Certification (ABR) and the AISC Fracture Critical Endorsement (FC).

Heavy traffic, dangerous weather conditions, automobile accidents and poor initial designs can all lead to serious damage and complications to your bridge. In addition to this, because of the daily wear and tear that most bridges endure, it’s not uncommon for fatigue cracks, fractures, corrosion and other impairments to occur.

When your company is called to step in at the last minute, make sure you have a partner that can provide you the support you need during these difficult, fast-paced repairs. At JGM, we will put manpower on it immediately to minimize any downtime.

When you need it yesterday.
610 873 0081
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